College Algebra Prep Program (CAP2) is a prep program designed to help you prepare and be successful in your Math 3 classes. 

Why CAP2?

  • Be a part of a community of fellow classmates 
  • Strengthen your math background
  • Review specific topics related to Math 003
  • AND get priority registration for a Math 003 course*.

The CAP2 Commitment

CAP2 is a great option to prepare for your upcoming transfer level Math 003 class, but it takes a commitment. In order to be in CAP2 you must be willing to:

  1. Attend Week 1 of the MSC's Summer/Winter Bridge Workshops.
  2. Meet with Professor Duthoy and Professor Hidalgo to prepare you, as a student, for Math 003.

CAP2 Pasadena City College

Sign Up for CAP2

The Intake Form for Fall 2024 is now available! Follow these three simple steps to move forward:

1. Complete the Intake Form for the Fall 2025 Semester

Please note that completing the Intake Form does not guarantee a spot in a corresponding late start course. After submitting the form, you can get started on MSC Math Preparation Modules Canvas shell. This Canvas shell provides everything needed to get started with CAP^2.


2. Visit the MSC's Summer/Winter Bridge Workshops webpage and mark the dates in your calendar. Remember you must attend all of Week 1.

3. Participate in Pre-Course meetings with instructor.

To get the most out of this program, you will be asked to meet with a CAP^2 instructor at least twice before the start of the course. These meetings are made to support your preparation and progess. You will be contacted before the start of the course to schedule your first meeting. 

4. Enroll into the CAP Math 003 course*.

*Upon completion of requirements, you will be given priority registration for our CAP^2 Math 003 course with either Professor Joshua Hidalgo or Professor Julius Duthoy

If you have any questions, please reach out to Professor Josh Hidalgo ( or Professor Julius Duthoy (

CAP^2 program not for you, but would like to review and prepare for Math 003/008/009/005/015 or Stat 50? Check out the MSC's MSC Math Preparation Modules.

Questions About CAP2? (please use CAP2 for the subject line)

(626) 585-7458 | R-406

Fall 2023 Office Hours
M-F, 9 am - 5 pm by appointment