Academic support classes teach additional topics to the information taught in the required ESL courses. These classes give you extra help in reading, speaking and listening, pronunciation, and more. Theses classes are optional but recommended to help you in your English language development.

ESL 460( ESL Level 1): A beginning class that helps you build your vocabulary as well as learn new skills to figure out the meaning of unknown words (word attack skills).

ESL 432 (ESL Level 2): ESL Reading. Learn the basic techniques for reading in English as well as further develop your English vocabulary and word attack skills.

ESL 132 (ESL level 3): ESL Reading. In level 3 reading, you will expand the skills you mastered in level 2 of ESL Reading by continuing work on vocabulary, study skills and intermediate reading techniques.

ESL 111 (ESL Level 4): Academic Reading for ESL. This class is focused on helping you learn the reading skills essential for succeeding in your college classes.

ENGL 130 (ESL Level 5): An advanced reading class focusing on reading for your academic courses.

ESL 456 (Level 1): Basic Speaking & Listening Basic communication skills for everyday life

ESL 446 (ESL 2): Effective Speaking & Listening Casual & formal dialogues in commonplace situations.

ESL 176 (Level 3): Effective Speaking & Listening Conversational skills, natural speech, idiomatic expressions.

ESL 136 (Level 4): American Culture Through Speaking & Listening Discussion of current events, American culture, social issues & regionalisms.

ESL 106 (Level 5): Speaking & Listening for Academic Success Group discussions, individual presentations & evaluation of media broadcasts.

ESL 472 (Level 1-2): ESL for the Workplace. Planning on getting a job? Take this class to learn English communication skills for a workplace setting.

ESL 246 (Level 2 -3): Pronunciation of the American English A beginning pronunciation course that will introduce you to American speech sounds and help you start perfecting your pronunciation.

ESL 172 (Levels 3 -4): ESL For the Workplace This follow-up course to ESL 472 works on further developing your workplace English communication skills.

ESL 146 (Level 4 - 5): Pronunciation of the American English Level 2 This follow-up course to ESL 246 adresses more advanced skills for the correct pronunciation of American English.

ESL 410A (Level 2) Basic ESL Grammar Review: Do you need a review of basic grammar? This course will help you as you go over basic sentence structure, word order and parts of speech.

ESL 410B (Level 3) Intermediate ESL Grammar: This course is meant to help you review the grammar learned in Level 3 ESL. We focus on the use English verbs and verb tenses.

ESL 403 (Level 3) ESL Skills Workshop: This course offers you a great opportunity to receive individualized help and instruction in writing vocabulary and spelling.

ESL 113 Advanced ESL Vocabulary: If you are an advanced ESL student and having trouble with vocabulary, this course can help you improve your vocabulary in order to read, write and understand Academic English.

ESL 133 Advanced ESL Grammar Workshop: This course is for advanced level ESL students who need more help and practice with grammar. You will review advanced grammar structures such as adverbs, adjectives and more.