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About Our Annual Events

The PCC English Honors Seminar Series:  September-November

This seminar series is aimed at current and prospective English major students. All PCC students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to attend.

Writer in Residence - October

PCC’s Writer in Residence Program aims to enrich the cultural environment of the College and the larger community by bringing to campus for a period of three days a distinguished local writer to interact with students, faculty, staff, and community members.
Writer in Residence events include classroom visits, writing workshops, a faculty luncheon, and a public reading. Writers in Residence are interviewed by editors of PCC’s literary magazine Inscape, the interview to be published in the magazine. The residency also offers our visiting writer a wonderful opportunity to promote a recent publication.

The Writer in Residence Program is funded by the Pasadena Festival of Women Authors and by several groups on campus, including the Office of Student Affairs and the English Department.

Please see our calendar for scheduled events.

English Majors Open House - November

Our English Majors Open House is for current and prospective English Majors, students, and anyone interested in our English Division program, projects, and events. Participants have the opportunity to meet professionals who have used their education as English majors as a pathway to success in various fields, to hear from former PCC students who have transferred, to mingle with counselors, English faculty, and other PCC faculty and staff, and more!

Please see the events calendar for dates, times, and more information on this year's English Majors Open House.

The PCC English Honors Seminar Series - February - March

This seminar series is aimed at current and prospective English major students. All PCC students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to attend. Please see our events calendar for dates and times.

Visiting Writer Series

Please join the Creative Writing Program sponsored by the Pasadena Festival of Women Authors for PCC's Spring Visiting Writers Series! Information on this year's writers and events can be found on our events calendar.

Borders of Diversity

The Borders of Diversity student conference is an annual event that showcases the ideas and work of our students and provides a forum for a diversity of expressions from a diverse group of students. 

For more information, please see the details on our events calendar.

One City, One Story (OCOS) Program - March

The City of Pasadena chooses a work of fiction each year for its One City, One Story (OCOS) Program in March. Students participate in the campus discussion with the author.

English Department Tea and Awards Ceremony 

Each spring the English Department hosts its annual tea to present outstanding awards and scholarships to deserving students who have earned high grade point averages and who excel in writing. Please view our scholarships page to read about our award recipients for this year.

PCC Annual Poetry Celebration - April

Please join us for our Poetry Month events! Event dates and details can be found on our events calendar.

Poem-in-your-Pocket Day

Poem-in-your-Pocket Day is a national event that occurs in conjunction with National Poetry Month and is sponsored by the Academy of American Poets. The Poem-In-Your-Pocket Day Poetry Reading is intended to encourage a love of literacy and language on campus. In previous years, there have been more than twenty student speakers and at least fifty students in attendance. In addition to the readings, students typed up original poems on a typewriter, wrote poems on poster boards, and handed out poems to students passing by.