The ESL program has 4 levels of ESL. Each level takes one semester to complete and has both required and recommended classes. In each level, you will take classes in writing, reading, listening and speaking, as well as academic support courses.

Based on the results of your ESL placement, you should enroll in your first level of ESL classes. To pass a level, you need to complete all required courses with a grade of C or above. Though the reommneded courses are not required, they will help you improve your skills and perform better in your required courses!

Once you complete Level 4, the highest level, you will be ready to enroll in college English!

  Required Courses Recommended Courses
Level Core
Reading Speaking/
& Workplace
1 ESL 402 ESL 462 ESL 482 ESL 441 ESL 173, ESL 431
2 ESL 103 ESL 163 ESL 183 ESL 144 ESL 174,
ESL 113
3 ESL 004 ESL 164 ESL 184 ESL 144 ESL 135
4 ESL 005 No class No class No class ESL 175,
ESL 150A