Our brand encompasses all that Pasadena City College offers, all that we do and all of our successes as well as all of our efforts to improve. Our brand has a personality and a tone. Our brand helps bring people together through power of a consistent and strong message that remains focused on our mission.

Consistency creates equity amongst audiences.

PCC is not just a school. It is a diverse, long-standing community of Lancers — determined students, accomplished faculty, dedicated staff and noteworthy alumni. It is a reputable institution that educates through innovative teaching techniques, is constantly discovering and evolving, and leads us to become forward-thinkers.

PCC is an opportunity that opens up doors, builds legendary futures and drives us to make an impact. It breaks down barriers, faces adversity head-on and inspires us to be bold. At PCC futures are ignited, lives are transformed and each of us is pushed to be great.