Besides the logo, color is one of the most important elements of brand identity. We should be able to cover up the logo and through color and design, we should still identify a piece of collateral as Pasadena City College.

There are primary, secondary and tertiary palettes. The primary colors that represent PCC are PCC Cardinal and PCC Gold.

Color varies slightly between print and digital. Below you will find the color values for each.




PCC Cardinal // #be1e2d


PCC Cardinal Dark // #9c1521


PCC Gold // #ffcf0c


PCC Gold Dark // #e4af15



PCC Black // #192026


PCC Dark Gray // #566168


PCC Mid Gray // #929191


PCC Light Gray // #c4c3c3


PCC Lighter Gray // #e1e1e1



PCC Teal // #00a89a


PCC Plum // #721d52


PCC Blue // #253d85


PCC Orange // #ef4923


PCC Pea // #73be44