The Pasadena City College logo is a core element of PCC’s brand. It should be used in conjunction with any printed material and can be used for digital assets as well. 

Use of the PASADENA CITY COLLEGE name, logo or any related branding is prohibited without prior written permission from the Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing.

The logos in this section are the primary graphic elements of Pasadena City College’s branding program. Consistent application and precise production of the logos will identify and reinforce public awareness of the college, departments, and other areas. When the logos are used properly with the other elements in the Visual Style Guide, a unique and effective look can be established.

Below are guidelines and files to be used.

Primary Logo

Horizontal Logo (Alternative)

Download the logo package

Minimum Logo Size

The Primary Logo should not be sized smaller than .75 inches wide. For the Horizontal Logo, the minimum size is 1.75 inches wide.

Minimum Clear Space

The legibility and distinction of the PCC logo is very important. To ensure the logo is highly visible, always separate it from its surroundings. The area of isolation, or minimum required clear space, should be 1/3 of the logo’s height on all sides as shown below. Do not allow any other graphic elements to intrude this area of isolation.

Application of the Logos

The logo and logotype MAY NOT be used separately or modified and moved. Both elements make up the entire logo. Here are some do’s and don’ts:

  • Make sure the logo is legible.
  • Do not alter or change the font face or use an alternative font face.
  • No other elements may be added to the logo.
  • Do not change the colors of the logo.
  • Do not alter the ratio of the logo, ie, don’t stretch, squash, skew, or squeeze the logo.


Cardinal and black are the official colors for the logos. The colors are as important to the identification program as the logos. To ensure consistency, PCC uses Pantone 201 for its cardinal (see CMYK equivalent below). The application of the cardinal and black colors will create a strong and consistent identity for the college.

The logo may also be reproduced in cardinal, black, and white, but no other color is acceptable. Please consult with the Office of Strategic Communications & Marketing for further information.

Logotype System

The Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing has created a logotype system that both identifies an area of the college and adheres to the established logo guidelines. This system is intended for use for the college’s academic and administrative divisions, departments, offices, and programs. As with all of PCC’s brand elements, its primary benefit is in reinforcing the strength of the college’s identity and providing visual representation of the college’s component parts to the general public.

Custom logos that do not follow this system are discouraged and will not be supported by the Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing, except in extremely rare cases.

If you believe your unit has need for a logotype, please contact the office for more information.