At Pasadena City College, we strive to represent the best of what education can be.

We are consistently curious, building on a time-tested educational model and extending it in new directions to serve every student that comes our way. We are a community college with a university mindset; an inclusive environment and a high-value, high-quality academic experience that serves as a launchpad for our students’ lives.

Our students hail from every imaginable background, driven by the possibility of fulfilling their educational goals and jump-starting their careers. They are self-reliant, motivated by their belief in their future selves to overcome any challenge that lies in their path. Their mascot is the Lancer, a Roman mounted warrior who led the charge into the fray, equipped to adapt to a rapidly changing landscape and determined to succeed.

Our faculty represent the best of Pasadena’s intellectual pedigree, nurturing curiosity while driving personal and professional development. They are thinkers and doers, passionate creative types of all stripes who adapt proven teaching methods for a world that is constantly evolving.

Our spirit reflects the face of the San Gabriel Valley, with a heritage as vast as the mountain vistas and as classic as the world-famous Rose Parade that rolls past our doorstep every January.

We are a college of the community, open to all; a meeting place for our friends and neighbors, and a lasting influence on generations of students.


We express this multifaceted personality through these six traits:

  • Dynamic: We are a place of consistent growth, vibrant energy, and limitless variety.
  • Inquisitive: At our core we are educators and learners, constantly exploring new worlds.
  • Driven: We are committed to success, always looking forward to see what’s next.
  • Resilient: When something pushes us, we spring back stronger and faster than before.
  • Adaptive: Our natural creativity inspires us to find new approaches to our goals.
  • Inclusive: We draw power from our community, accepting everyone who comes our way.

These traits help our audiences know who we are. As we communicate to different audiences for different purposes, we can dial these aspects of our personality up or down to convey our message and accomplish our goals.