Every semester PCC instructors administer an assessment in each of their course sections that is linked to one of the Course Student Learning Outcomes (CSLOs)

  • Every PCC course has a Course Coordinator who makes sure that all instructors are aware of the assessment details. They will also detail the various threshold values to be assigned (i.e.., what score or result indicates “exceeds”, “meets”, “partially meets”, or “does not meet” a particular learning outcome).
  • Please see the Assessment Schedule to determine which CSLO you should assess in your course during a given semester. Note that some departments follow their own schedule, so be sure to check with your Department Chair.
  • The assessments do not need to count as part of the students’ grade.
  • Assessments are not fixed but can be modified or replaced over time, as long as the same assessment is administered to all course sections for a given semester. This process should be overseen by the Course Coordinator.

Ideally, assessment styles and content (e.g., selected quiz or exam questions, oral presentation, essay, etc.) should be discussed and agreed upon by all section instructors of a given course.