Course Student Learning Outcomes (CSLOs) are not the same as Course Student Performance Objectives (CSPOs). 

  • CSLOs represent a broad set of skills, knowledge, competencies, and/or attitudes that the students take with them when they leave the course. There are typically between three and five CSLOs for a given course.
  • CSPOs are smaller steps leading to the attainment of those skills and competencies. Each CSLO will have several (at least two) corresponding CSPOs.

Example: PHOTO 140: Professional Practices for Photographers 


Students will produce targeted press materials and business communications for initial employment/gallery representation in their chosen area of photographic specialization.


  • Define student's photographic area of specialization.
  • Research professional photographers and/or galleries that are compatible with student's photographic area of specialization.
  • Write a resume, artist's statement, and initial business contact letter.

Create an online portfolio featuring student's work, contact information, and writing