To locate the current approved CSLOs (and CSPOs) for any course:

  • go to WebCMS
  • select Public Access
  • search for the course by using the Subject drop-down menu (you can also enter the course number to refine the search)
  • click on the printer icon at the left side of the row with the class of interest

This will show you the most recent Course Outline of Record (COR) for the course. The CSLOs will typically be listed on the first page, followed by the CSPOs.

To locate the current approved PSLOs for any program:

  • Navigate to WebCMS (Curriculum Management System) from the PCC Faculty and Staff home page on PCC’s website.
  • Select “Public Access”
  • Select “Program Outlines” from the upper left area of the page
  • Use the filter box to find the program
  • Click on the printer icon to the left of the program
  • The PSLOs will be at the bottom of the program outline
  • NOTE that in this format they are not referred to as program-level student learning outcomes, only as student learning outcomes