Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) occur at three levels. 

  • CSLOs (Course Student Learning Outcomes) - describe the knowledge and skills students develop by the end of a course
  • PSLOs (Program-Level Student Learning Outcomes) - describe the knowledge and skills students develop by the end of a degree or certification program
  • ISLOs (Institutional Student Learning Outcomes) - describe knowledge, skill, abilities, and attitudes that students develop from all aspects of their college experience including courses, programs, departments, and services (this page)

Institutional-level Student Learning Outcomes (ISLOs) are very broad in scope. In general, through the achievement of PSLOs, students demonstrate specialized knowledge and skills in the discipline, as well as disciplinary achievement of some of PCC’s ISLOs (as appropriate to the disciplinary focus), through depth of study within the chosen academic field.

ILO Category Outcome
Communication Students effectively communicate through writing, speaking, presenting, and/or artistic rendering/expression.
Quantitative Reasoning Students effectively analyze and apply quantitative and scientific concepts.
Research & Information Literacy Students effectively use technical and research skills to evaluate and use information.
Critical Thinking Students will effectively use critical thinking skills to reach well supported and logical conclusions, acknowledging that the complexities of situations may extend beyond right and wrong.
Civic Responsibility & Cultural Awareness in a Diverse Society Students will develop the cross-cultural knowledge, skills, and/or abilities needed to be an active and informed community member.
Social Justice, Equity, & Inclusion Students will evaluate and challenge systems of oppression in order to develop strategies to become change agents to foster liberation.
Occupational & Professional Readiness Students will engage in self-discovery, course material, career enrichment, experiential learning, and/or informed decision making to develop workforce and career readiness.