College and Subject Level Equity This dashboard provides an annual overview of success, retention, and enrollment at the college  by student ethnicity.
Equity in Program Participation This dashboard provides an overview of programs at the college and the ability to view the programs by student participation disaggregated by ethnicity.
Grades, Success, & Retention Dashboard This dashboard allows users to review Grade Distribution, Success and Retention, and Success Counts by Division, Department, course, and Primary Instructor Id disaggreagted by ethnicity and gender.
Student and Staff Equity This dashboard provides a demographic overview of students and staff at the college.
Noncredit Equity The Noncredit Equity Dashboard contains multiple years of Enrollment, Success, and Hours by Ethnicity.
Math Equity The Math Equity Dashboard is an overview of how students enrolled in math courses at PCC are doing.
Expanded Ancestry Project The Expanded Ancestry dashboard takes a deeper dive into the various ancestry students select when applying to the college.  This data is relatively new, a work in progress and OIE is still working to solidify and codify the ancestry groups but it does provide an overview of the ancestries/ethnicities/cultures that comprise our student population.
2022-2025 Student Equity Plan Data The Student Equity Plan data tracks a cohort of students and identifies equity gaps across various metrics. This data was used to build our equity plan and our strategies to close the equity and achievement gaps.