Pasadena City College (PCC) strives to integrate its planning, review, and budget development practices into one cohesive and cumulative process of resource allocation based on institutional self-evaluation and action planning. The process Integrated Planning at PCC relies on participation from the entire campus from the beginning to the end of every planning cycle culminating in a new annual budget.

Fall Planning Retreat

The Integrated Planning process will be launched with a Retreat at the beginning of the fall semester involving BRAC, P&P, and the IEC to prepare for the Annual Update cycle.  The Retreat will include a synopsis of the current budget outlook, an enrollment update, a preview of changes or adjustments to the Annual Update process, and a review of the previous years Integrated Planning process.

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View the 2017 Planning Retreat Presentation 

Annual Updates

Divisions, Units, Programs, and Departments across campus will complete their Annual Updates, which will consist of a brief review/evaluation of the prior years activities, and an action plan, including budget augmentation and new item requests. Training, assistance, and handbook resources are available from OIE.

Prioritization Process

OIE will develop a master list of budget augmentation and new item requests from the Annual Updates and distribute it to all budget managers. Deans and managers will conduct initial prioritization of items based on a rubric aligned with the college’s strategic plan. HR, ITS, and Facilities will be consulted for expertise. Prioritized items will be submitted to members of the Executive Committee for further refinement, also based on a rubric.

See a list of 2017-18 funded resource requests

Spring Budget Retreat

BRAC, P&P, IEC, and  representatives from  shared governance constituency groups will participate in the Budget Retreat during the spring semester.  The Spring Budget retreat will be an opportunity to update the college community on the college budget, provide an overview of any initiatives the college is engaged in, and review and further prioritize the budget augmentation and new item requests from the Annual Update process.

View the 2018 Spring Budget Retreat Presentation 

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Tentative Budget

The prioritized budget augmentation and new item list, from the Budget Retreat, will be presented to the College Council by the Superintendent-President. Upon the recommendation of College Council the prioritized budget augmentation and new item list will receive a final review by the Superintendent-President and Vice Presidents. Augmentation and new item requests will be incorporated into the final budget presented to the Board of Trustees.  

Feedback Loop

OIE will systematically evaluate the Integrated Planning process and suggest modifications and enhancements that will ensure a process that is constantly improving.

2017-2018 Fall Planning and Spring Budget Retreat Evaluation Summary

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