Refunds for U-PASS (Spring 2020)

UPDATE: Spring 2020 U-PASS holders, we are pleased to announce that we are in position to begin issuing refunds for the Spring U-PASS. Students who purchased a U-PASS in Spring 2020 are eligible to receive a $50 refund on your purchase. 

The deadline to submit the form for a refund will be September 30, 2020.

U-PASS Refund Application

Frequently Asked Questions

If you received your U-PASS through one of these programs you are not eligible for a refund.

The U-PASS is subsidized by student fees through Associated Students. The program incurs other administrative costs, therefore in order to sustain the program and still provide a fair refund to students the College could not offer a total refund to all students.

All U-PASS refunds will be in the form of a check that will be mailed to your current address as listed in Lancerpoint.

You should receive your refund 2-3 weeks after the deadline of September 30.

If you have questions please email either the Office of Student Life at or call 626-585-7384 or the Student Business Services at or 626-585-7336.

We appreciate your patience while we worked through this process.