Save time and money with the U-PASS at PCC! As a PCC Student*, you have the opportunity to purchase a U-PASS at a reduced rate. With a U-PASS at PCC, you will have access to unlimited rides on the Metro Bus and Rail, Foothill Transit, and Pasadena Transit, as well as Santa Monica's Big Blue Bus, for the entire semester (2/18/20 to 6/13/20). They are available for purchase from February 10-March 4, 2020 at Student Business Services, B-203(above the Bookstore)

*U-PASS Eligibility: To be eligible for a PCC U-Pass, you must be currently enrolled at PCC with 3 or more units 

The U-PASS at PCC Gives You:

  • One easy transit pass to use whenever you want – not just to and from class
  • A pass that’s integrated with your student ID – no separate card to carry around
  • Save Money! The U-PASS at PCC is $95 for 16 weeks. Compared to the Metro's $43/month.
  • No need to wait for 4-6 weeks for the Metro’s application process

How to Sign Up


  1. Complete the online Metro Registration Survey -For new applicants only.
  2. Bring proof of Metro survey completion and proof of current enrollment (electronic or paper) to Student Business Services in B-203 to purchase the pass for your LancerCard.
  3. Pay the appropriate U-PASS fee (U-PASS includes Metro, Foothill & Pasadena Transit)

    Spring 2020 Semester U-Pass: $95 (Valid 2/18/20 to 6/13/20)

    Rates are subsidized by Associated Students Student Activity Fee. There are no refunds for lost, damaged or stolen stickers. Replacement of lost or stolen cards will be at the full rate until 3/10/20 or prorated rate after March 10.
  4. TAP your U-PASS sticker to board for unlimited rides on Metro Bus, Metro Rail, Foothill Transit and Pasadena Transit for the whole semester.
  5. Smile because you’re saving time and money! :)


Visit Student Business Services in B-203 or by calling (626) 585-7336.