Free U-PASS for SUMMER 2023

Students enrolled in at least one (1) unit in SUMMER 2023 (non-credit students please show proof of enrollment) are eligible to receive a FREE U-PASS for SUMMER 2023.

The SUMMER PCC U-PASS will be available for pick up starting Monday, MAY 22, 2023- July 14, 2023 . The PCC U-PASS is valid on the following transit providers MTA trains and buses, Pasadena Transit, Foothill Transit (local and Silver Streak), Montebello Bus, Santa Monica Big Blue Bus,Culver City Bus, Long Beach Transit, LADOT DASH, Norwalk Transit, Torrance Transit and Gardena Transit.

The SUMMER U-PASS is valid (once you activate it) MAY 22 TO AUGUST 20, 2023.


Estimated release date for FALL U-PASS - Aug. 21, 2023 - check back here August 1st for detailed info. 

To obtain a FREE U-PASS:

  1. Complete the Metro survey form. This is only required for new U-PASS users.
  2. Bring your completed survey confirmation to Student Business Services, B-203.
  3. You must have a PCC Lancercard and bring that card to Student Business Services.  If you don't have a PCC Lancercard visit the LancerID website to learn how to get one.
  4. Show your class schedule to the Student Business Services staff to verify that you are enrolled in at least 1 unit, for credit students. If you are non credit please show proof of enrollment for SUMMER '23. The staff will then affix the pre-loaded U-PASS sticker onto your Lancercard ID. The sticker will not be valid on any other form of ID.
  5. Be sure to tap your U-PASS at any Metro, Pasadena or Foothill Transit station to activate your pass. You must tap your U-PASS at least one time within 15 days of receiving it for it to be activated.

Replacements & Refunds

  • If your FREE U-PASS is lost, damaged or stolen you can purchase a replacement for $50.
  • No refunds will be given for the U-PASS.

Dropping Classes

Students who received a FREE U-PASS but drop, or are dropped, from all of their courses, will have their U-PASS deactivated.

The free U-PASS is being provided to students through PCC's CARES funding.

 For further questions please contact The Office of Student Life at or 626-585-7384 or Student Business Services at or 626-585-7336.