Cardinal and Gold Leadership (C&G) believes that everyone can be a leader whether in the class, on the job or in the home we all can have an impact. The C&G program is a leadership development program open to ALL PCC students.

C&G seeks to develop the leader in you, through hands-on workshops and activities. As a participant, you will gain knowledge, skills, and experience in leadership. A primary goal is that you learn first-hand knowledge through the application of learning. Thus, you and other C&G members will serve as the primary facilitators at local and regional leadership retreats and also staff the Lancer Leaders program.

Our vision is that leadership training is a campus-wide collaborative effort, which is infused with respect, and appreciation of our diverse campus community. We seek to empower all students to reach their full leadership potential.

For more information check out the Cardinal and Gold page on the LancerLife site.

Interested in joining Cardinal & Gold?

Contact Carrie Afuso, Student Life Advisor,