We provide clinical care for students. Our services are designed to address health promotion, disease prevention, short-term acute illnesses and injuries, and to assist you in finding resources to help you manage your health conditions.

Many of our services are covered by the Student Health Fee you pay as part of your enrollment at Pasadena City College (PCC). This fee covers most services at PCC’s Student Health Services, with no need for payment, insurance or a co-pay, including:

  • Medical consultation with licensed health professionals
  • Low-cost Tuberculosis tests and flu vaccinations (available for free during our Flu Shot Clinic events)
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Condoms
  • Band-Aids/Alcohol swabs

Services that aren't covered by the Student Health Fee are offered at a reduced cost. These include:

  • PAP Test
  • Smoking Cessation Program
  • STI Tests (Chlamydia and Gonorrhea)
  • Blood Chemistry Panel
  • Immunizations: Hepatitis B Vaccine, Twinrix Vaccine (Hepatitis A and B)
  • Birth Control Pills and Emergency Contraception

Health Promotion and Wellness

Health counseling and education are integrated into every health consultation. Additionally, health education outreach activities are coordinated with various departments and student groups. A broad range of free health information pamphlets are available to students within the health center as well as the brochure rack just outside of Student Health Services.

Classroom Presentations

Classroom or other group presentations by the health educators are available on a variety of health and wellness topics including, but not limited to:

  • Student Health Services information
  • De-stress and Get Some Rest  
  • Sexual Health (and safe sex practices)
  • 8 Dimensions of Wellness (visit SAMHSA’s website for more details)
  • Cold/Flu Season Prevention

Email Student Health Services at healthandwellness@pasadena.edu for more information.

Health Insurance

The student health fee provides registered students with first-aid to acute care. Students who are currently uninsured or underinsured are strongly encouraged to sign up for health insurance. ChapCare assists in FREE health insurance enrollment. Please schedule an appointment at (626) 486-9696. For more info regarding ChapCare's health insurance enrollment services please visit: https://chapcare.org/what-we-do/programs-and-services/health-insurance-enrollment/