You are eligible to receive Student Health Services if you are a currently enrolled PCC student and registered for at least a one credit class.
Our Student Health Center is a low cost/no cost clinic. Most health care services at the health center are provided without charge. However, services such as laboratory tests, medications, and vaccines are available to you at significantly reduced fees.
Our health center staff includes physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses and health education assistants. We also have administrative and administrative support staff who are trained to assist students. Every effort is made to provide professional services in an efficient and concerned manner.

Yes, you do!! The Student Health Center uses an appointment system. You can visit us or call us to schedule an appointment. Same day appointments may be possible, please discuss with us so we can schedule you in for the care that you need.

You do not need an appointment to pick up free condoms or health education pamphlets. Any medical emergency will also be seen without an appointment.

Due to legal policies at Pasadena City College, you must be enrolled and attending classes at the time of your appointment. The Student Health Center operates on funds generated from the Student Health Fee, which is paid by registered students each term. If you register then drop all of your classes, we will not be able to see you at the Student Health Center. The Student Health Center can only serve those students who are enrolled and attending classes at the time of the requested appointment.
We found that the majority of the time, nurses can provide the appropriate medical assistance to you. The physicians and nurse practitioners are here for students who require advanced medical/nursing care and they have very limited appointment times. If it is determined by our nurses that you require advanced medical/nursing care, they will refer you to a staff physician or nurse practitioner to continue your care.
A nurse practitioner (NP) is a registered nurse who has advanced education (usually has a master’s degree) and clinical training. Most NPs also specialize in specific areas such as adult, pediatric, family, or women’s health. Practicing under state rules and regulations, NPs provide clinical health services for the acute and chronically ill, along with a focus on health promotion, disease prevention, and health education and counseling. NPs can also provide prescriptive medications.
Yes. If you wish to receive your test results by phone, you will need to fill out an Authorization to Release Health Information form.
You can be referred to appropriate community resources. These are often low-cost and some offer client discounts on services and/or medication.
Strict confidentiality laws are in place and firmly respected. All medical records are confidential. Copies of your medical records cannot be released without written authorization from you.
No problem! They’re free in limited amounts per visit. Just walk into the waiting area and take one or two. (No appointments necessary!)
Don’t worry! Call for an appointment and we’ll help provide you with what you need.
Sure thing! Set up an appointment and be seen by a caring professional.
No problem. It’s low cost, painless, and confidential. Make an appointment and we’ll be happy to help.
We have clinical staff to help you with your concerns. Call or stop by D-105 to schedule your appointment.