Amidst much transition relating to the COVID-19 outbreak we would like to extend our solidarity to each of you. We are all learning in this together and hope we can collectively prioritize the health needs of those most marginalized and most at risk.

We will continue to closely monitor guidance from the CDC, Departments of Public Health, our partnering universities, high schools, community organizations, and health systems to advocate for student’s health and access to resources—especially since we know that individuals from low-income backgrounds and marginalized identities will be impacted the most.

The risk to individuals with compromised immune systems is real, and it will be most acutely felt by Undocumented individuals and those without access to health resources like LGBTQ+ and folks experiencing homelessness. Historical and current racism and xenophobia threaten the well-being of Asian community members, their families and communities despite the fact that there is no correlation between racial identity and the spread of COVID-19. And for 1 in 5 individuals who have mental health conditions, we need to continue taking measures to support them.

Please urge your students who might benefit from group support to join PCC’s International Student Center, Personal Counseling, and Student Health Services on Thursday, March 19, 2020 online to discuss the COVID-19 outbreak. Additionally, this is an opportunity for students to discourse on how their communities are impacted and to learn strategies to manage stress and anxiety in these uncertain times. Please find attached flyer with more information.

Additionally, the PCC QUEST Center (Queer, Undocumented Empowerment for Students to Thrive) is an on-campus resource available to Queer and Undocumented students who may fall into the uninsured category and require support in navigating these circumstances. Please contact for more information.   

Amidst a challenging time, please continue to both prioritize your own mental and physical health and well-being while showing up to advocate for students—now and in the future—any way you can.

We know all of you are affected by this situation and we are thinking of you. Thank you for being a part of Safe Zone community at PCC. 

In Solidarity,

- Safe Zones Coalition