Individual Counseling

We offer short-term individual counseling services on a specific problem you are experiencing. The goal of our counseling services is to help you improve your daily functioning and academic success. You will start with an intake session, where we will discuss your problem as well as treatment options. Individual counseling appointments are typically 50 minutes long. You are allowed to schedule 8 sessions each semester and six during the summer term.

Make an Individual Counseling Appointment

Group Activities

Group counseling is available for students who have similar difficulties or struggles. Some topics of discussion for past groups included: building self-esteem, time management, test anxiety, managing stress, and building successful relationships.

The groups are time-limited, generally six sessions, and have a maximum of five students. All students must commit to all six sessions.

To sign up for one of our group sessions, please visit our office.

Faculty/Staff Consultations on Student Related Matters

Our Personal Counseling team is available to consult with faculty and staff on student-related matters. Some indicators are:

  • a student who shows emotionally distress through his/her writing or talking with you
  • marked changes in physical appearance, hygiene, or mood
  • a student who may be overly demanding of faculty/staff attention

If you are a staff or faculty member who would like some assistance with a student, please visit our office to schedule an appointment.

Caring and Responding to Employees and Students

The Caring and Responding to Employees and Students (CARES) team was developed to better respond to students and employees who experience or have experienced the loss of a friend or family member through death or a sudden illness, such as cancer. The Team can be contacted through the Office of Personal Counseling at (626) 585-7273.

Campus Wide Activities and Presentations

Our Personal Counseling team is available to present to student groups, clubs, or facilitate class presentations on a variety of subjects. Our team is equipped with knowledge from various backgrounds. For example, some of the most common presentations are: time management, creating and developing an academic plan for the future, balancing your school, work, and social life, how and why we behave the way we do, test anxiety, and strategies for academic success.

If your campus group, club, or class is interested, please fill out a request form in our office.

Substance Abuse eCheck Up

We offer a completely anonymous survey regarding your marijuana and/or alcohol intake. After answering a set of questions, your results show the amount of the substance you use, and the survey automatically compares your numbers, for your eyes only, to other college campuses around the nation.

Take the Surveys Now:

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