Our Services

All students who are enrolled are eligible for services. The type of service needed may be discussed in consultation with a thearpist in our center. Below is a summary of the different types of services that we provide. Should you have any questions about these services, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

At Personal Counseling, we provide short-term individual therapy, and sessions are typically 45-50 minutes in length. This is a model for mental health services in which the therapist and the student work together collaboratively in order to set and attain goals. Brief therapy goals are typically specific, measurable, and attainable goals aimed at helping the student deal more effectively with psychological/interpersonal difficulties and life stressors that may impede their academic and personal progress. Students who access our services typically find that their needs are met within 3-4 sessions.

Our mental health counseling services are not intended to provide long-term care or psychiatric supervision (treatment that includes psychiatric medication), as there is no psychiatrist on staff. Students requiring long-term mental health needs will be referred to off-campus services through our case management services.

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There are times in which brief therapy may not be the best fit for the needs of a student. A student may need a specialist to work with a specific diagnosis, their needs may be better suited for long-term treatment or they might prefer to meet with a therapist outside of PCC. In these cases, we work with students to connect them to resources outside our center. We have a staff member whose has time and expertise specifically dedicated to this work. 

Group therapy can be a wonderful way in which people connect with others with similar experiences and goals, and use the space to work on those goals together.

At this time, Personal Counseling is not offering group therapy services. Once this service is available, the website will be updated. 

Preventative mental health is just as important as treatment. Our staff provides the campus community with presentations around mental health topics to help raise awareness and reduce stigma. Below...

  • Communication
  • Working with Students in Distress
  • Destigmatizing Mental Health
  • Time Management
  • Stress Management and Self-Care
  • Tips for Emotional Management
  • Body Image and Self-esteem
  • Burnout and Compassion Fatigue
  • Managing Text Anxiety and Performance Stress
  • Our Services 

If your campus group, club, or class is interested, please fill out Presentation Request Form by clicking below.

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Our Personal Counseling team is available to consult with faculty and staff on student-related matters. Some potential indicators of concern are:

  • a student who shows emotionally distress through his/her writing or talking with you
  • marked changes in physical appearance, hygiene, or mood
  • a student who may be overly demanding of faculty/staff attention

If you are a staff or faculty member who would like some assistance with a student, please visit our office to schedule an appointment.

The Caring and Responding to Employees and Students (CARES) team was developed to better respond to students and employees who experience or have experienced the loss of a friend or family member through death or a sudden illness, such as cancer. The Team can be contacted through the Office of Personal Counseling at (626) 585-7273.