All information is confidential and will not be released or discussed with anyone, including faculty and staff, without your written permission. However, by law there are conditions under which disclosure is mandated:

  1. When there is reasonable suspicion of child abuse including sexual exploitation as defined by AB1775, or abuse to a dependent or elder adult.
  2. When you communicate a direct or indirect threat of bodily injury to another.
  3. When either you or one of your family members informs us that you are a threat to seriously harm yourself or another (this includes the PCC community).
  4. When disclosure is required for a legal proceeding.

Our center uses a team approach for treatment. This may mean that your case is discussed in order to ensure the best care. Additionally, a number of our therapists are unlicensed and are required to discuss their work with their supervisor. However, all records and information is kept confidential within the treament team.