The Army/American Council on Education Registry Transcript System (AARTS) produces official transcripts for eligible soldiers upon request. The transcripts combine a soldier's military education and job experience with descriptions and college credit recommendations developed by the American Council on Education (ACE). According to AARTS, the transcript doesn't include awards, college courses, correspondence courses (unless reported by AARTS), training and job (MOS) history while enlisted with another service, or Army courses after reaching officer/warrant officer status. The AARTS operations center at Fort Leavenworth, Kan., says that the latter is subject to change pending the addition of officer/warrant officer information to its database. Call toll free 1-866-297-4427, commercial at 1-913-684-3269, DSN: 552-3269.

Navy/Marine SMARTS

Individual Sailor/Marine American Council on Education Registry Transcripts (SMARTS) provides recommended college credit for military occupational experience and training. The service covers most active duty and reserve sailors and Marines, both enlisted and officer. Recommendations are made by the American Council on Education whose “Guide to the Evaluation of Learning Experiences in the Armed Services” is used extensively by colleges and universities.

For more information, call toll free 1-877-253-7122, commercial at 1-850-452-1828, DSN: 922-1828, send an email to