The Veterans Resource Center

The mission of the Veterans Resource Center (VRC) is to assist military and veteran students in making a successful transition from military to academic life by providing information, tools, and comprehensive programs that increase student academic success and completion of their academic goal. The VRC works collaboratively with on-campus services as well as outside veteran service providers and the Veterans Administration to provide services that focuses on academics, community, and wellness.

In The News

PCC's Veterans Resource Center has often appeared in media sources around the country:

How We Can Help You

We strongly encourage all veterans to visit the Veterans Resource Center and join PCC Veterans' Club, our student organization. Statistics show that students who assimilate to campus life by developing associations with like-minded students or faculty members have a higher degree of success.

We provide the following services at the Veterans Resource Center:

  • Help navigating the college
  • Benefits information workshops and appointments
  • Veterans Job Announcements
  • Veterans Academic Counseling
  • Ten computer study stations, some with Assistive technologies software
  • Women veterans activities and programs
  • Free tutoring/Mentoring
  • An R & R station
  • Study Groups
  • Advocacy
  • Veterans Services & Benefits Referrals