Participating in activities in your online classes, such as posting online discussion boards or participating in live ConferZoom sessions, are important learning activities required in almost all online courses. These forums offer everyone a chance to contribute their thoughts about the content being studied as well as to reflect on the ideas of others in the class.

Engaging in a healthy discussion while employing Netiquette builds community, allows students time to consider ideas and incorporate research into their response, and develops critical thinking and writing skills necessary for success in college and beyond.

PCC Online Course Netiquette Guidelines

Behind Every Name There is a Person

  • Respect the privacy of your classmates and what they share in class.
  • Ask classmates for clarification if you find a discussion posting offensive or difficult to understand.
  • Avoid sweeping generalizations. Back up your stated opinions with facts and reliable sources.
  • Understand that we may disagree and that exposure to other people’s opinions is part of the learning experience.
  • Be respectful of each other. We’re all in this together. Before posting a comment, ask whether you would be willing to make the same comment to a person’s face.
  • Keep in mind that everything you write, indeed every click of your mouse is recorded on the network server. On the Internet there are no take backs.
  • Keep in mind that you are taking a college class. Something that would be inappropriate in a traditional classroom is also inappropriate in an online classroom.

Online Communication

  • Be aware that typing in all capital letters indicates shouting.
  • Be careful with humor and sarcasm. Both can easily be misunderstood!
  • Review all discussion postings before posting your own to prevent redundancy.
  • Check your writing for errors by reviewing what you've written before submitting it.
  • Acronyms (LOL, etc.) and emoticons (smilies) are commonly used online, but be careful not to overuse them.
  • Many communications with your instructor or fellow students are best handled through email. Only post on the classroom discussion board if the conversation is relevant to others in the class.

Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 (Lake Superior College)