Earn an associate degree in linguistics or prepare to transfer to work toward an advanced degree in linguistics. Either way, PCC gives you access to one of the few major and degree-granting linguistics programs in the California Community Colleges system.

Linguistics | Associate in Arts (AA) Degree

Earn a degree and prepare to transfer. By completing the AA degree in linguistics, you will earn a degree as well as complete the lower-division major requirements for transferring and earning a Bachelor of Arts degree from a four-year institution. 

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Several of our linguistics courses also fulfill requirements for the Speech Language Pathologist Assistant (SLPA) AS degree and Certificate of Achievement.

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Satisfy GE Requirements with Linguistics Courses

Several of our linguistics courses will satisfy CSU GEs, IGETC requirements and GEs for several private and independent institutions. Visit the Transfer Center for a list of requirements as well as for resources to help you determine which linguistics courses will satisfy the GEs for your degree and transfer plan.

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The scholarship is awarded by faculty selection. Criteria: Compare overall GPA, GPA in linguistics courses, and the number of linguistics courses a student has taken. Preference is given to linguistics majors.