Student Services supports the learning experiences and holistic development of students through a transformation of our practices, collaboration, equity-mindedness and responsive student support to achieve social justice, relationships and education reimagined.

Students Services Core Values

Social Justice 

  • We realize this through co-creation, inclusion, mutual respect and collaboration with students & colleagues  
  • We focus on the assets our students possess and student agency which is the empowerment, political awareness & engagement of our students as co-creators of learning experiences 
  • We implement an asset-minded perspective regarding students & colleagues  
  • We strive to support & serve students from a position of: anti-racist, anti-homophobic, anti-transphobic, anti-sexist, anti-xenophobic & anti-ableism. This is evident in individual behavior and reflected in our policies & procedures that affect the lives of our students
  • We address the holistic health & wellness of our students and recognize our responsibility to help students achieve success requires our responsiveness to food, housing, social work services, racial trauma, immigration support, student identity support and mental health & wellness 


  • Through working with colleagues regardless of role, title or department to foster & create respect, a culture of care, interconnectedness, empathy and a sense of urgency to change our practices to be more responsive to our student needs  
  • We acknowledge that our students do not exist in isolation and are members of thriving networks of family & friends—a kinship circle—which we validate and seek to recreate these trusting connections to mirror the world of our students in our practices 

Education Reimagined

  • Everyone at every level is empowered to lead & contribute to transforming our practices and this inclusion stems from a place of authentic desire to constantly evolve and make progress in realizing social justice without limiting creativity due to organizational structure
  • We apply leadership that takes our services beyond the status quo and we achieve bold student success goals
  • We use technology to help us be more personally accessible to students
  • We regularly measure our transformation, taking note of where we were, how our students experienced us-- and where we are now—how our students experience us now and we push ourselves to keep changing  
  • We are inspired by our Students to continue growing and intentionally create services that are inclusive, equity advancing, race conscious and transformative

Writing Group 2019-2020  

  1. Jason Vasquez, Personal Counseling Faculty Therapist
  2. Michaela Mares Tamayo, Director of Student Equity
  3. Oronne Nwaneri, Director of Upward Bound
  4. Rebecca Cobb, Dean of Student Life
  5. Olivia Loo, Director of International Student Services
  6. Denise Albright, EOP&S/CARE & Foster Youth Services
  7. Leticia Velez, DSP&S
  8. Rohan Desai, Counseling

Statewide Master Plan:

PCC Educational Master Plan:

PCC Mission:


  • Mission Statement Workshop, Student Services Summer Retreat 2019
  • Interdepartmental Student Services Team Retreats, 2018