Pasadena City College strives to serve students and non-students courteously, promptly, equitably, and in compliance with our policies and with state and federal laws. Processes and procedures are available to any student who reasonably believes that a College decision or action has adversely affected his or her status, rights or privileges as a PCC student. 

Student complaints are classified into three categories: 1) grade appeals; 2) complaints; or 3) discrimination complaints. The process for filing complaints that are not resolved at the campus level is also included.

Grade Appeals

Pasadena City College's grade appeal procedure, AP 4230, provides processes by which a dispute in the assigned final grade for a course may be resolved in a fair and efficient manner according to state law and due process. The procedure outlines both the informal consultation process and the formal grade appeal process. Grade Appeals are handled through the Office of Academic Affairs.


Individuals who are dissatisfied with a campus policy or procedure or with the conduct of a college employee are entitled to file a complaint. We encourage students and others to attempt to resolve the issue informally with college personnel. However, if there is not a satisfactory resolution, the complaint form should be completed and submitted.

Complaints are handled through the Office of Instruction OR the Office of Student Services.

Discrimination Complaints

Students wishing to file complaints based on discrimination on the basis of sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, ethic group identification, religion, age, color, or physical or mental disability and any other category of unlawful discrimination should contact Institutional Equity, Diversity, and Justice, via the Title IX Coordinator at 626-585-7786,, or submit a report using the online report form.

To file a formal written complaint of unlawful discrimination, students must use the approved form available at the Human Resource Office or at the California Community College Chancellor's Office website.

Issues not resolved at the Campus Level

Most complaints, grievances, or disciplinary matters are resolved at the campus level. Issues that are not resolved at the campus level may be presented to the following:

  • The Accrediting Commission for community and Junior College (ACCJC) may be contacted through their website if your complaint is associated with the institution's compliance with academic program quality and accrediting standards.
  • The California Community College Chancellor's Office may be contacted if the complaint is not related to compliance with the academic program quality and accrediting standards or if it involves unlawful discrimination. The Chancellor's Office has a page dedicated to this purpose.