Education. Diversity. Opportunity.

Pasadena City College is an equity-minded learning community dedicated to enriching students’ academic, personal, and professional lives through an array of degree and certificate programs, campus engagement, and customized student support.

Our Core Values

Pasadena City College’s students, faculty, staff and administration share these essential and enduring educational values:

A Passion for Learning — We recognize that each one of us will always be a member of the community of learners.

A Commitment to Integrity — We recognize that ethical behavior is a personal, institutional and societal responsibility.

An Appreciation for Diversity — We recognize that a diverse community of learners enriches our educational environment.

A Respect for Collegiality — We recognize that it takes the talents, skills and efforts of the entire campus community, as well as the participation of the broader community, to support our students in their pursuit of learning.

A Recognition of Our Heritage — We recognize that we draw upon the College’s long-standing tradition of excellence to offer innovative services to our students and communities.

Strategic Plan (2015-18)

To pursue its mission and values, the Pasadena Area Community College District has developed a three-pronged Strategic Plan. The overarching theme of this plan is that improved college operations are necessary to continue the PCC tradition of excellence in academic and student-support programming. The implementation of the Strategic Plan cuts across many of the Mission Critical Priorities in the Educational Master Plan.

I. Student Success, Equity and Access

A.  Support students in their pursuit of completing degrees, certificates and transfer programs through the enhancement of student support services and academic programs that have demonstrated the ability to improve student outcomes and achievement.

Educational Master Plan alignment: A1, A2, D1, D2, E1, E5, G5

B.  Work with community partners to determine the unique needs of those individuals underrepresented in higher education and seek to develop means to increase

access to and success in higher education.

Educational Master Plan alignment: A1, A2, A3, A3.1; A3.2, B1.1, D4.1

C.  Increase access to the communities of the Pasadena Area Community College District by increasing the number and proportion of in-district students enrolled in courses and programs at PCC.

Educational Master Plan alignment: D1, G.2, K.1

II. Institutional Effectiveness

A.  Improve institutional effectiveness, campus climate, shared governance and planning by satisfactorily addressing the recommendations levied in the Accreditation External Report and implementing the actionable improvement plans identified in the Accreditation Self-Evaluation.

Educational Master Plan Alignment: C1, F2, F3.2, L1

III. Community Engagement

A.  Increase engagement to the community and build partnerships with businesses, educational institutions and community organizations to effectively support students, enhance resources and provide high quality programs aligned with the local and global community, business and student needs.

Educational Master Plan Alignment: D4, D5, G1, G2, G5, I2, I7, K1, K3, K4