Special Rules

  • Each member can speak for three minutes on each turn. (Approved 10/12/15)
  • Discussion should not be extended more than two times, unless the issue is pressing. Time extensions should not exceed the time allotted for the original motion/topic/report. (Approved 2/22/2016)
  • The Academic Senate president can self-reference using the pronoun, “I.” (Adopted 11/4/19)

Standing Rules

Academic Senate subcommittees are authorized to hold videoconference meetings. For purposes of this rule, a “videoconference meeting” is a meeting in which at least one of the members participates from a location other than the physical meeting room on campus. The meeting must be conducted using technology that allows members to see and hear each other at the same time. The technology must allow for simultaneous aural communication during the meeting. Examples of acceptable technology are Big Blue Button (Canvas app), CCC’s ConferZoom, and Zoom. In accordance with the Ralph M. Brown Act, at least one participating member must be on campus in a location that allows access to the public, and votes taken during a videoconference meeting must be done by roll call. Action can only be taken if the total number of physically present and remotely participating members is sufficient to achieve quorum. The chair of the committee must be physically present. Each subcommittee is allowed to develop its own guidelines regarding the number of remote participants. (Adopted 10/21/2019)


Whereas the Academic Senate of PCC represents the faculty of the Pasadena Area Community College District and recognizes significant leadership and long-standing service by faculty. When a long-term member leaves our college, it is important to recognize their contributions in the form of a resolution.

Whereas Tammy Knott-Silva has served the Senate for the last 4 years;

Whereas Tammy Knott-Silva has served as the co-chair for the Curriculum and Instruction Committee; Division Coordinator-Faculty Lead; Professional Development Committee; and Online Education Committee;

Whereas Tammy Knott-Silva has earned the respect of colleagues in the faculty, classified staff and management; and

Whereas Tammy Knott-Silva has served the interests of PCC ably;

Resolved that Tammy Knott-Silva will leave a legacy of faculty leadership, academic excellence, and advancing an inclusive teamwork environment; and be it further

Resolved that the Academic Senate express its gratitude for Tammy Knott-Silva’s inspirational, tireless, and meaningful service to PCC.

(Adopted 11/4/19)

Whereas the demographics of the faculty of Pasadena City College are woefully misaligned to the demographics of the students of Pasadena City College; 

Whereas the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges has adopted a diversity, equity, and inclusion statement that includes the following: 

To advance our goals of diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice for the success of students and employees, we must honor that each individual is unique and that our individual differences contribute to the ability of the colleges to prepare students on their educational journeys. This requires that we develop and implement policies and procedures, encourage individual and systemic change, continually reflect on our efforts, and hold ourselves accountable for the results of our efforts in accomplishing our goals. In service of these goals, the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges is committed to fostering an environment that offers equal employment opportunity for all; 

Whereas the Academic Senate of the Pasadena Area Community College District recognizes that in order to have faculty diversity, we need diverse hiring pools; and

Whereas increased diversity requires increased awareness;

Resolved that the Academic Senate of the Pasadena Area Community College District urges the office of Human Resources to continue to explore and, to the degree possible, implement strategies to increase recruiting for full-time and adjunct faculty positions in ways that support expanding the racial and ethnic diversity of applicant pools; and

Resolved that the Academic Senate of the Pasadena Area Community College District reminds faculty hiring committee participants of the need for racial and ethnic diversity among the PCC faculty.

(Adopted 11/18/19)

Whereas the Academic Senate has Operational, Standing and Ad Hoc Committees that carry out the work of the Academic Senate as defined by the 10+1 Academic and Professional Matters;

Whereas the Academic Senate follows the Brown Act, Robert’s Rules of Order and the Academic Senate Bylaws;

Whereas the Committee Support Committee has created Canvas Committee Chair training to support chairs of Academic Senate subcommittees in complying with the above referenced act, rules, and bylaws;

Resolved that the Academic Senate Board directs all Chairs of Academic Senate subcommittees to complete the Canvas Committee Chair Training; and

Resolved the Chairs will complete this training prior to chairing the eighth week of the spring 2020 semester.

(Approved 2/24/2020)

Whereas the COVID-19 emergency situation and resulting remote instruction (in which classes that would ordinarily be offered in a face-to-face format are not able to be offered as face-to-face classes because of external factors) environment may continue indefinitely; 

Whereas we recognize that many faculty are making the most of the current situation and have continued to deliver quality instruction and support to their students;

Whereas providing a high-quality education remains a priority for PCC’s Academic Senate, and it is vital that every student enrolled in courses at PCC receive support and quality instruction from their faculty during the current circumstances; 

Whereas best practices for online instruction require weeks, if not months, of planning and design to be implemented, and PCC faculty had but days to prepare for the transition to online instruction; 

Whereas The environment in which faculty and students find themselves may not be conducive to previously published schedules and timeframes for class attendance and completion of assignments and assessments;

Whereas PCC has infrastructure and tools available to faculty that when utilized, can be of great use for delivering instruction in a large number of courses—e.g. Canvas and ConferZoom; 

Whereas in order for faculty to use available tools effectively and to ensure the best pedagogical practices available in the current environment, they need access to various levels of professional development and institutional support; and 

Whereas the college has created Division Lead positions, held by faculty members with the goal of supporting faculty in navigating through the current educational environment; 

Resolved that the Academic Senate of the Pasadena Area Community College District commends and recognizes the efforts made by faculty across the campus to continue to support their students during this transition;

Resolved that the Academic Senate of PACCD recommends that all instructors continue to ensure regular and effective contact and provide access to course materials, which may include but are not limited to the following:

Regular and effective contact:

Extensive use of learning management system (Canvas as of the writing of this resolution) tools, such as:

Gradebook with rubric scores and/or prompt, detailed feedback
Use of email for communication
Holding regular conference hours
Initiating contact with every student at least once per week

Access to course materials:
Synchronous video conferencing (possibly using Zoom or similar video conferencing tools) with posting of video recordings
Asynchronous posting of videos or video recordings
Ensuring course materials are ADA compliant
Checking for understanding using a variety of authentic assessments
Posting files or links to material in Modules;

Resolved that the Academic Senate of PACCD recommends that instructors maintain academic rigor to the degree possible while also considering how various demands on students’ time and attention may impact their ability to adhere to previously published timelines; and

Resolved that the Academic Senate of PACCD requests that the administration of the college continue to provide and expand professional learning and support to faculty in terms of the use of technological tools, pedagogy, student engagement, and students’ academic success in the remote instruction environment.

(Approved May 18, 2020)

Whereas the Academic Senate of the Pasadena Area Community College District condemns all hate crimes and discriminatory actions on the bases of race and ethnicity, as well as ability, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, and religion for the physical, mental, and emotional harm caused by these actions; 

Whereas, since the 2019 outbreak of the pandemic, the virus has affected millions and caused the untimely deaths of many around the world;

Whereas, some have used this as an opportunity to unwelcome immigrants and Americans of different ethnic origins;

Whereas, some have used divisive and inflammatory rhetoric, referring at times to the COVID-19 virus as the "Chinese virus," and "Kung-Flu";

Whereas, such rhetoric is inaccurate and stigmatizing, inciting fear and xenophobia, thus putting Asian Americans at risk of retaliation;

Whereas, scientists have confirmed that the COVID-l9 disease does not respect borders and is not caused by ethnicity, and the World Health Organization has cautioned against using geographic descriptors because they can fuel ethnic discrimination;

Whereas, as the COVID-l9 virus has spread, numerous Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders have reported experiencing microaggressions, racial profiling, hate incidents and, in some cases, hate violence;

Whereas, the San Gabriel Valley is home to Asians of various ethnic origins, and currently, Asians make up 24 percent of the student body at Pasadena City College;

Whereas, the Academic Senate of PACCD affirms its commitment to the well- being and safety of Asian American community members and ensure that they can speak out to help stop the spread of bigotry;

Resolved that the Academic Senate of PACCD denounces xenophobia and anti-Asian sentiment and all microaggressions and hate crimes. The Academic Senate of PACCD joins cities, counties, and states across the country in affirming its commitment to the safety and well-being of Asian Americans and in combating hate crimes targeting Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. We support all allies who have joined us in the fight to end all xenophobia, hate crimes and anti-Asian sentiment. We call on all people to take a stand against hate.

(Approved May 4, 2020)

Whereas the Academic Senate of the Pasadena Area Community College District condemns all hate crimes and discriminatory actions on the basis of race and ethnicity, as well as ability, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and religion due to the physical, mental, and emotional harm these behaviors cause;

Whereas, the recent and past killings of unarmed Black/African Americans, have created an environment of anxiety, mistrust and outrage in the United States for Blacks in America as well as for their allies;

Whereas, these occurrences have led to fear and distress amongst the Black/African American community at Pasadena City College;

Whereas, some have taken these injustices as opportunities to become emboldened in their racial bias and violent activities towards Black/African Americans, such as in the cases of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Philando Castile, Sandra Bland, Tamir Rice, Trayvon Martin, Freddie Gray and Michael Brown, among many others in recent years;

Whereas, the numerous fatalities associated with unarmed Black/African Americans have caused our Black students and staff to be further marginalized, stigmatized and vilified; resulting in the fear of harm and of possible death, just for existing;

Whereas, 72% of Black/African American college students attend the community college, making this system the gateway to higher education and career development which are necessary components for community strength and vitality, colleges such as PACCD must be visible advocates for this student population;

Whereas, with the frequency of these incidents, students have reported feelings of isolation, despair and vulnerability; some also reporting episodes of Post Traumatic Stress, that come with experiencing continuous, historical racialized trauma;

Whereas, Pasadena City College is home to merely 1,552 (3.84%) Black/African American students, leaving this vulnerable population of students susceptible to various forms of bigotry, micro-aggressions, stigmatization and discrimination;

Whereas, the Academic Senate of PACCD affirms its commitment to the security and well-being of the Black/African American campus community and its willingness to create a supportive, safe and equitable environment that will allow these and other students to thrive;

Resolved that the Academic Senate of PACCD denounces the murdering of unarmed Black/African Americans and the discriminatory actions that manifest against this community. The Academic Senate joins with the Black/African American community at Pasadena City College and abroad in affirming our students against the very real possibilities of violence against them due to their perceived racial/ethnic identity. We support our allies in the effort to end the slaying of unarmed citizens in the Black/African American community.

(Approved June 1, 2020)

Whereas Legal Opinion 2020-12 from the California Community College Chancellor’s Office dated October 19, 2020 indicates that there is no expressed prohibition against faculty requiring students to use webcams during synchronous online class meetings;

Whereas the same legal opinion underscores the risk of violation of student privacy rights related to indiscriminate camera requirements;

Whereas indiscriminate camera-on policies create an equity and access issue for students who do not possess the requisite technology;

Whereas whether or not students possess the requisite technology, they should not be forced to reveal to their classmates their living conditions, particularly if they feel such is an invasion of their protected home environment;

Whereas academic freedom, which includes the freedom to “determine methods of classroom instruction and student evaluation” (AP 3050 Academic Freedom), must be balanced with equity, access, and privacy concerns;

Whereas there are cases in which supervised assessment is essential for evaluating student work; and

Whereas if students are to have agency and to make informed decisions, they need to be given adequate notice of any such requirements;

Resolved that the Academic Senate of the Pasadena Area Community College District recommends that instructors adopt a cameras-optional policy during synchronous online class sessions;

Resolved that if faculty must require students to use webcams, they do so only to the extent necessary and that they allow students to turn off their webcams and mute audio unless needed; and

Resolved that every effort be made to inform students of any webcam requirements as soon as is practically possible by including footnotes in the schedule of classes, sending emails to students prior to the start of class, and/or including information about webcam requirements in the course syllabus.

(Approved November 30, 2020)