To obtain copies of the Academic Senate Travel Funding Request and PACCD Conference Travel Request forms, please contact Judy Benson in the Academic Senate office at ext. 7211 or

Guidelines for Requesting Funding for Faculty Conference Travel

Use the information below as a guide for completing an Academic Senate Travel Funding Request for the academic year.

  1. Each faculty member (full-time and adjunct) will be allowed to apply for conference registration &/or travel funding (from the Academic Senate Faculty Conference Travel Fund) for at least one conference per fiscal year (July 1, 2016-June 30, 2017). Faculty members may request funding for more than one conference per fiscal year, but the total amount requested may not exceed $1500 per fiscal year. Funds will be distributed on a first come, first served basis. Once the ASFCT Fund is depleted, no more funds are likely to be available until the next fiscal year.
  2. Each application form must be approved by and signed by the supervising dean prior to submission.
  3. Deans may be asked to prioritize travel requests for their area.
  4. No funding will be approved for conferences that have already been attended (approval must take place prior to travel).
  5. Application deadlines will be set to precede scheduled Faculty Development Committee meetings.
  6. The requested amount per faculty member per fiscal year may not exceed $1500.
  7. A maximum of $25,000 in funding will be approved during each of the following periods: July 1-October 31; for November 1-Feb. 28; March 1-June 30 If funds are left over from one of these periods, they will roll over and will be added to the $25,000 allotted for the next period. Funds that are left over as of June 30 will not roll over to the next fiscal year.
  8. All requests for reimbursement (which include required forms and receipts) must be submitted within two weeks of travel completion. No exceptions.
  9. All requests for reimbursement require itemized receipts, which indicate the specific items that were purchased. No exceptions.
  10. This funding has been designated for conferences, not travel, tours or courses.
  11. The 2016 meal per diem is $41 per day. Original, itemized receipts (listing the individual items purchased) are required for reimbursement. As per PCC policy, the purchase of alcoholic beverages will not be reimbursed.
  12. No reimbursements will be allowed without completion and submission of an online post-trip summary (which may be viewed by the PCC community).

Faculty members who have completed ASFCT-funded travel may be asked to provide a presentation our PCC colleagues to share what they learned at the funded conference.

Incomplete application forms will not be considered for funding or reimbursement, and will be returned to the faculty member who requested funds.

Requests for more than $1500 will be returned to the faculty member requesting funds (unless the amount in excess of $1500 is covered by another cost center, in which case that cost center must be identified by name and number, and the cost center manager must sign the application before it is submitted).

In accordance with PCC’s travel policy, no lodging will be funded for trips to locations a distance of 50 miles or less from PCC.

Once the funding is gone, no more applications will be accepted until the next fiscal year

Proposed by the Academic Senate Faculty Development Committee: 9/29/16. Approved by AS: 9/29/16