Academic Senate Professional Development funding requests require the following steps.

Please read all the steps below

  1. Traveler must first submit a Request for AS Professional Development Funding:
    Request AS Professional Development Funding
  2. After receiving Faculty Development Committee approval, traveler submits a Chrome River Pre-Approval Request: 
    Submit a Chrome River Pre-Approval Request
  3. Full-time and adjunct faculty members may apply for event registration and/or travel from the Academic Senate Faculty Professional Development Fund through Professional Development Allocation: D 100000 116000 6750 PRDV as your funding source. (See Introduction below)


  • Request Form questions: Jennifer J., Office of Professional and Organization Development: 7888.
  • Chrome River questions: Mofun M., 3381

Guidelines for Requesting Funding for Faculty Professional Development


  • Faculty members (full-time and adjunct) may apply for funding for conferences, workshops, and courses (referred to here as activities) that support one’s professional activities as a PCC faculty member in areas such as pedagogy, subject expertise, and support for District goals/initiatives (e.g., equity and social justice for students). Funding may not be used to acquire continuing education units for salary advancement, or solely for the purpose of maintaining professional credentials / licensure.
  • As a group, PCC Faculty will have access to $75,000 each year to support professional development activities. To ensure equal distribution across the academic year, those funds will be disbursed in three equal installments. The first installment of $25,000 will be available for activities occurring from July through October. The second installment is for activities occurring from November through February, and the third installment is for activities occurring from March through June. Funds remaining at the end of the first two installments will roll over to the next installment period. Any remaining funds on June 30 will not roll over to the next fiscal year.
  • The maximum amount that a faculty member can receive from this source per year is $1,500. This funding may be allocated across multiple activities. If a faculty member’s activity costs exceed $1,500, they will need to identify the secondary cost center supporting the activity, or indicate that they will pay the outstanding balance out of pocket. Funds will be distributed on a first come, first served basis. Faculty members who have received funding through this process are expected to share their learnings with PCC colleagues through traditional channels such as a workshop or area meeting, or apply their learnings in the classroom or through involvement in District initiatives/projects.

Request Procedures

  • Requests for funding should be accompanied by event/conference descriptions, agendas, or any other information that helps to convey the purpose and relevance of the event.
  • Chrome River Pre-Approval Requests are to be submitted no less than 10 business days prior to travel. Applications for funding will not be accepted after a conference has taken place. Incomplete applications will not be considered and will be returned to the faculty member.
  • Requests that exceed $1500 must designate an additional PCC account to cover expenses beyond $1500. Do not include expenses that you will cover out-of-pocket or from non-District sources in your Chrome River request.

Reimbursement Guidelines

Chrome River Expense Reports (reimbursement requests) are due two weeks after travel completion.  

  • Make sure to keep all itemized receipts related to travel. These will be needed when you submit your expense report via Chrome River. Food and beverage costs are reimbursed via a per diem that is based on the geographical area of travel.
  • The District’s AP 7420 outlines the rules and expectations related to employee travel reimbursement, including what qualifies for reimbursement, how far away an activity must be to qualify for lodging reimbursement, and the rules for determining mileage. You are encouraged to review the AP prior to submitting your request.

All reimbursements must follow the guidelines established by Administrative Procedure 7420 EMPLOYEE AND TRUSTEE TRAVEL.

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