President's Welcome

Elvio Angeloni,  President of the PCC Retirees AssociationIt is an honor to serve as the president of the PCC Retirees Association. Having taught anthropology for more than 40 years, I was fortunate to have been involved in some of the great programs the college has had to offer our students, including field trips through the American Southwest, the Rocky Mountains, and along the length and breadth of California as well as to such overseas venues as Oxford (England), Florence (Italy) and Kenya (East Africa). In addition, I was able to lead excursions to Alaska, Brazil, Ecuador, and Peru through PCC's extension program.

Just as satisfying for me, however, have been the learning experiences provided to all of us retirees as we continue our connections to each other at our Fall and Spring mixers and on the field trips that have ranged from theater attendance to presidential libraries and to such exotic and beautiful settings as the Japanese Gardens of Van Nuys.

Equally rewarding is the way our organization continues to promote education by providing scholarships to students who have overcome many difficulties in returning to school. For the past few years, we have met many of these students, have been moved by their stories, and have encouraged them to pursue their professional dreams. The Retirees Association is so active that it regularly publishes a newsletter, "Staying Connected," to inform the membership of upcoming activities and events and to let them know what their friends and colleagues are up to.

Just as PCC is uniquely outstanding (to the extent of being called by one accreditation team member as the "Harvard of the community colleges"), so also is the Retirees Association. After all, it is our membership—former management, staff and faculty—that helped to make the college what it is today and it is that very same membership that makes the Pasadena City College Retirees Association the only one of its kind among community colleges. We should all be very proud.

Elvio Angeloni
President of the PCC Retirees Association

Mission Statement

The Pasadena City College Retirees Association is a non-profit organization. Its purposes are to contribute to the mission of the College and to contribute to the fellowship and the intellectual interests of its members.

All retirees are automatically members of the Association. Active members are those who wish to participate in the activities of the Assocation, some of which are listed in the section on the History of the organization. Honorary members are those invited by the Association who wish to participate