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What You Need to Know About Fall 2022

  • Registration for Fall 2022 is now open
  • Find your registration date and time in LancerPoint

As part of PCC’s COVID-19 precautions, all students attending in-person classes must show proof of COVID-19 vaccination.

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In a hurry? Processing vaccination paperwork can take 24-48 hours. If you need immediate assistance, bring your proof of vaccination – even if it’s only one dose – to Room G-2 (M-F, 8:30-5) on the Colorado Campus for rush processing.

Registering for a course with materials fees? PCC has you covered! Fees will automatically be waived.
The Bookstore is open. Visit in-person to buy your books. You can also purchase them online through the bookstore website and choose in-store pickup or ship to home.

Don’t forget you will have a $200 Bookstore Credit to use towards your books and supplies for the semester!
While the majority of classes will be held in-person, we will also be offering online and hybrid classes.
  • In-person: Classes offered at the Main Campus and Foothill Campus.
  • Online Synchronous: Held online and you will log in at a specific time to take the course.
  • Online Asynchronous: Your online class is pre-recorded. You do not log in at a specific time. Instead, you will access class material on Canvas and complete assignments within a specific timeframe as specified by your instructor. Please note: your online schedule says, “TBA” for all classes that are “asynchronous”.
  • Hybrid: The class includes an in-person and online portion.

You can learn more about how a course is being offered by checking the class schedule

Semester-long lending of Chromebooks / laptops and hotspots is now available to currently enrolled PCC students!

For Fall 2022, PCC is making COVID-19 testing available for all students enrolled in a face-to-face or hybrid course, or accessing in-person services which require you to be on campus for the Fall 2022 semester. 

Testing Guidelines for students:

  1. A student must show a photo ID at the testing check-in counter
  2. Must test in a timely manner if instructed to do so by PCC’s Covid Support Team
  3. Must stay home when you are sick. Monitor your health closely, get tested immediately for Covid-19, and follow isolation instructions while waiting for the test result.

You may use our on-campus testing options or choose to submit test results for other labs.


Registration Starts June 13!

Start picking classes and planning your schedule.


Reminder: If you’re registering for on-campus classes, you must upload your vaccination information first. It will take 24 - 48 hours to process your vaccine card.

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PCC is Here for You

Both in-person and remote, we are here to support you during the fall semester.

Additional Student Services

If you need help with admissions, registering, financial aid and/or to meet with a counselor, please visit our Help Centers.

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