Effective December 2, 2019

Attention All Parking Kiosk Users
Temporary Stoppage Of Credit/Debit Card Parking Permit Purchases

Due to AT&T and Verizon discontinuing their 2G & 3G digital cellular services in December 2019, Pasadena City College and the Foothill Campus parking permit machines will not be able to process credit/debit card purchases. The machines will only take payment via U.S. currency (one dollar bills). An upgrade project will begin in the very near future which will include the equipment needed for 4G services and the purchase of parking permits on your cellular devices. Additional information will be disseminated as it becomes available.

Feel free to contact Lieutenant Abernathie if you have any questions at (626) 585-7425 or babernathie@pasadena.edu.

Daily Permit Use

You may purchase daily parking permits for $2.00 a day from the yellow parking permit machines located on every level of the parking lots throughout the main and CEC campuses. All daily parking permit machines accept $1 bills.

Semester and Annual Permits

Semester and annual parking permits are available to students, faculty and staff. Visit the Campus Police Office to find out more about purchasing a parking permit.