Mission Statement

The Lancer Care Virtual Center address the gaps faced by Pasadena City College students in having awareness and access to food nourishment, stable housing, and social services support and resources. Through community partnership lancer care offers linkage and resources for centralized support and information to reduce barriers that prevent students from connecting to resources.

Our Vision

In leveling the barriers to education, we strive to support the diversity of our student’s needs, which include equitable access to adequate food, stable housing, and general resources to increase individual and academic success.

Lancer Care Staff

Lancer Care Virtual Center

  • Dr. Cynthia Olivo, Vice President
  • Dr. Ketmani Kouanchao, Associate Dean
  • Dr. Carmen Stephens, Faculty Coordinator

Lancer Care Support Team

  • Arissa, Peer Mentor
  • Rodney, Peer Mentor
  • Cheryl, Mental Health Counselor
  • Marisa, Pantry Distribution Specialist
  • Adolfo,  Pantry Procurement Specialist 
    Elyse,  Pantry Communication Specialist 
  • Giovanni, Case Management