Julia Russo

Julia Russo

President of Associated Students

The President of the Associated Students presides over meetings of the Executive Board. The President also serves on, or appoints a designee to, the following College Committees: Student Service Fund, Bookstore, Food Service, Flea Market Board of Directors, and College Coordinating Council (CCC). The President serves as the liaison between the Executive Board and the President of the College, and oversees all activities of the Executive Board and auxiliary committees, including student representation on Shared Governance committees. Finally, the President is responsible for upholding the Constitution and Bylaws and all resolutions that are in effect.

Alexis Rivera-Andrade

Alexis Rivera-Andrade

Executive Vice President

The Executive Vice President is responsible for all operations and oversight of club and student organization activities at PCC. He or she chairs the Inter-Club Council, which is made up of representatives from each active club and sets policy and rules for clubs to follow. The VP for Internal Affairs is also responsible for setting the club budget each semester. If the President is unable to execute their duties, the VP for Internal Affairs assumes the position.

Kelly Banh

Kelly Banh

Vice President for Academic Affairs

The Vice President for Academic Affairs is responsible for all things instructional on campus. The VP for Academic Affairs is the primary liaison between ASPCC and the college’s Vice President of Instruction (Dr. Terry Giugni), the Academic Senate which represents all faculty on campus, and the instructional deans. He or she also presides over the Academic Commission, which is responsible for carrying out tasks related to academic issues on behalf of students. The VP of Academic Affairs and their commissioners aim to increase accessibility and availability of academic opportunities to further promote student success.

Phoebe Fang

Phoebe Fan

Vice President for Student Services

The role of Vice President for Student Services entails focusing on meeting the needs of PCC students by conducting events that provide a source of communication and information for students to feel comfortable with their academic journey. The Student Services committee is made of hardworking individuals who assess, develop, and help coordinate semester plans on campus that further student development as well as better provide for the campus community.

Dean Wyrzykowski

Dean Wyrzykowski

Vice President for External Affairs

The Vice President for External Affairs is ASPCC’s lobbyist. He or she is our primary representative to groups outside of PCC, such as other colleges, our local region, the Student Senate for California Community Colleges and our legislators on both a state and national level. It is his or her responsibility to be aware of legislation that may affect students, and to take stances on those issues to our legislators in favor of student needs.

Samantha Salomon

Vice President for Public Relations

The main role of the Vice President for Public Relations is to ensure transparency and accessibility of AS to the student body. This is done by marketing and publicizing Associated Students activities on campus and in the community by creating flyers, updating ASPCC social media, and maintaining the ASPCC website. The VP for Public Relations also chairs the AS Publicity Committee.

Kiely Lam

Kiely Lam

Vice President for Cultural Diversity

The Vice President for Cultural Diversity is responsible for promoting diversity and unity on campus. The responsibilities of this position ranges from issues of race and ethnicity to gender, specific culture, sexual orientation, and a myriad of other related topics. He or she organizes events and programs to highlight and celebrate PCC’s cultural diversity, and chairs the ASPCC Cultural Diversity committee.

Natalie Batista

Natalie Batista

Vice President for Sustainability

The Vice President for Sustainability is responsible for promoting, designing and implementing sustainable ideas, policies and programs at PCC. This sustainability can range from environmental conservationism to social and economic justice issues to promote a fully sustainable future for members of our campus community, to in turn affect our larger communities. He or she advises ASPCC on making events and projects sustainable, and works with the college’s Sustainability committee and Facilities and Planning committee to further sustainability on campus, as well as chairing the ASPCC Sustainability committee.

Jasmeet Dhillon

Vice President for Business Affairs

The duties of the Vice President for Business Affairs primarily include maintaining the Assocated Students annual budget and chairing the finance committee; one of our prime accomplishments from last semester includes hosting the business career forum, where students were informed on what it takes to be successful in business. If you're interested in being part of the finance committee for the spring semester, please contact me at aspcc.jdhillon@gmail.com

Norman Lambert

Vice President for Campus Activities

The Vice President for Campus Activities is responsible for planning and coordinating a variety of events for the student body. With the help of his or her committee, the VP for Campus Activities is able to plan large events such as Homecoming and Welcome Week. Movie nights and other small events throughout the semester are also important; it is the VP for Campus Activities' job to create fun opportunities for students to be involved outside of class.

Gohar Tahmizian

Chief of Justice of the Supreme Council

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Council is the head of ASPCC’s judicial branch. He or she is responsible for liaising between the Supreme Council and the Executive Board and has ex-officio status on the Board. The Chief Justice is also the main interpreting officer for all of ASPCC’s governing documents. He or she shall review and revise the ASPCC Constitution, Bylaws, and Policy and Procedures, and make recommendations to the said documents as they see fit. It is the Chief Justice’s responsibility to assist in ensuring that the ASPCC is following its own rules and is accountable to the student body at large.

Nune Garipian

Nune Garipian

Student Trustee

The Student Trustee sits as the student representative on Pasadena City College’s Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees is the policy-forming body of the District, in which powers and duties include approval of college policy, interpreting the college needs to the public, adoption of an annual budget for the district, and approval of expenditures of all District funds. The Student Trustee has an advisory vote on the Board. He or she is entitled to second and make motions, participate in discussions, and receive all materials presented to the Board members. The Student Trustee is the primary liaison between the Board of Trustees and Associated Students Executive Board, and sits on the ASPCC Executive Board also in an advisory capacity.

The Student Trustee chairs the Student Trustee Ad-Hoc Committee where members engage in an active dialogue in pursuit of a cohesive decision-making process. Committee members are encouraged to maintain an innovative mentality so that the committee can benefit students to its fullest extent.

Andrea Ng, Executive Board Secretary

(626) 585-7980

Carrief Afuso, Office of Student Affairs Advisor

cmafuso@pasadena.edu | (626) 585-7386