Risk Management Service administers the District’s property and liability programs. It ensures claims are prepared within prescribed time frames, and pertinent laws and regulations have been adhered to. Risk Management coordinates and manages reports between the District, employees, students, and contracted third-party administrators. It also ensures that the program has sufficient funding to meet claims costs; and informs the campus of relevant policies and procedures.

Contact Risk Management
  • Building C, Room C221A
  • M - F, 7:30 am - 4 pm
  • Charlotte Moore, Risk Management Services
    (626) 585-7177| cmoore7@pasadena.edu
    Darlene Inda, Executive Director
    (626) 585-7534 | dinda@pasadena.edu

In Case of Workplace Injury

CALL (855) 339-1897 | Available 24 HRS /7 Days

  1. Call COMPANY NURSE at (855) 339-1897 and notify your supervisor.

  2. The Company Nurse representative will ask for the College NamePASADENA AREA COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT and Search Code - PACCD

  3. The representative will ask for your contact information and the injury details to assess the needed treatment.

  4. The representative will direct you to treatment at a designated urgent care location. If your injury does not require immediate treatment, the representative will give you first aid instructions for self-care.

  5. Notify your supervisor if you are directed to go to an urgent care facility or home for self-care.

  6. Risk Management will receive a report from Company Nurse and contact you to help with your worker’s comp claim forms.

  7. In case of life or limb-threatening injury, contact Campus Police or Call 911.
  1. When an injury report is received, confirm that the employee contacted Company Nurse. If not, or if the employee cannot call Company Nurse themselves call and report the injury.

  2. In case of life or limb-threatening injury, contact Campus Police or Call 911.

  3. Contact Risk Management and report the employee’s injury.

  4. Complete a Supervisor’s Statement and forward it to Risk Management.

Company Nurse is a service PCC has engaged for reporting work-related injuries and illness. It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The medical professionals at Company Nurse specialize in occupational injuries. They provide triage medical services and referrals for medical care. For inquiries regarding Company Nurse, contact Risk Management (626) 585-7177.

Employer Name

Pasadena Area Community College District

Search Code


In case of Life or limb threatening injury, Dial 911

Minor and non-life threatening injuries should be reported prior to leaving the job site.