The primary goal of Facilities Services is to provide a safe, healthy, attractive and functional learning environment on the PCC campus. The department develops and implements plans for remodeling, rehabilitation, preventive maintenance, and construction projects, using a combination of district, state, and federal funds.

Facilities Services includes the following service departments:

  • Construction and Planning, Project Center
  • Custodial
  • Grounds
  • Maintenance and Skilled Trades
Work Orders & Repairs

Request Facilities work orders and repairs through our web-based work ticket system.

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This unit provides cleaning services for all campus buildings and surfaced areas. Additionally, significant efforts are made to support educational programs and special events, including movement of supplies and equipment for the wide range of activities held on campus.


The grounds staff has the responsibility for the maintenance and upkeep of all landscaped and turf areas. This group of employees trims shrubbery, waters greenery, fertilizes landscaped areas, and keeps plants flourishing.

Maintenance/Skilled Trades

Specialists make repairs and implement a preventative maintenance program designed to keep all buildings and equipment working at peak efficiency. The employees in this unit also operate and maintain campus heating, cooling and ventilation equipment. Major efforts are made in the areas of energy management and conservation and preventive maintenance of building mechanical services.