As PCC approaches the beginning of its second century in 2024, the college community has come together to assess its programs, chart prospects for future growth, and identify what facilities and infrastructure investments will be necessary to drive us into the future. The Facilities Master Plan (FMP) details these proposals over a 10- to 15-year time period, charting the course for the future.

The FMP planning process began in 2014 with a comprehensive analysis of the college’s enrollment trends and prospects. The work launched with a renewed focus in October 2019, engaging constituent groups across the college to provide analysis and input on program needs, areas of future growth, labor market and community expectations, and feasibility of future success. Working with the architecture firm HGA, college officials translated these ideas into concrete proposals. Upon delivery of a complete draft of the plan, the FMP was brought before the college again, so that constituent groups and community partners could review the assumptions and provide input on direction.

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