The preferred name change is an in-house service available for Pasadena City College students who identify as transgender and/or who fear for their safety (domestic violence, stalking, etc). To request a preferred name change please submit the form below. If you have any problems accessing or submitting the form please email us at

Please note that this is not a legal name change, only PCC system name change.

Preferred names will show in the following places:

  • Lancer Point ID Card
  • Library
  • Counseling Department
  • PCC Connect emails and alerts
  • Class Rosters
  • Canvas Swipe Stations in Labs and Classrooms

Preferred names will not show in the following places:

  • Lancer Plan (course audit)
  • Legal records (academic records and financial awards)
  • Email correspondence from some departments

Legal Name Change and Gender Marker Services

 If you are seeking legal name change and gender marker services, please contact with subject title: Legal Name Change and Gender Marker so that we may refer you to an attorney that can guide you in the court process.