Honors Resources

The Honors Transfer Program at PCC isn’t the only program available to Honors students on campus. Check out these Honors-oriented programs below for more information!

Would you like to join a student organization and network with like-minded Honors students? Check out the PCC chapter of Alpha Gamma Sigma on campus! They help student members in reaching their goals by encouraging achievement and volunteering, building social and professional networks, and by providing information and focus needed for success.

Are you an Honors student planning to apply to UCLA? Check out TAP to learn more about the partnership between PCC and UCLA and how it can help your chances of transferring to UCLA.

This organization meets three times each semester in order to provide a forum for Honors directors and counselors. HTCC also holds an annual research conference for Honors students to showcase the results of student research projects.

Transfer Resources

For general transfer tools and resources, check out these resources.

Did you know that getting a degree at a private college or university can be the same price as going to a UC? No way? Way! Check out the schools on the htcca.org website to see how great an education you can get, at what cost, and how to apply.

Planning to transfer to a UC? Use this online tool to keep track of your coursework and help you plan what courses to take next. It also lets you apply to for Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) directly online using your planner.

Connect with other prospective students or students who have already transferred and ask them any questions you might have about transferring.

The TAG program is a commitment that select colleges and universities offer PCC students who meet basic transfer requirements. You can receive guaranteed admission to these schools by completing an agreed upon course sequence of classes in general education and a selected major with a stated minimum GPA.

This site reflects the admittance rates for UCLA undergraduate students based on their majors.