Frequently asked questions about Dual Enrollment at PCC. 

If you are a motivated high school student attending one of the high schools where we offer dual enrollment and you want to get college credit and high school credit at the same time, then dual enrollment is for you!


  • complete high school and college credits at the same time
  • ease your transition to college and enhance your chances of success
  • address skill gaps and improve study skills and academic knowledge before becoming full-time college students
  • be better prepared for college-level English and math


  • explore various careers and majors options before entering college
  • learn to make decisions about your college major and career
  • understand the education and credentials needed for your chosen career


  • have access to peer mentors, work-experience education, internships, and more
  • save time and money

Currently PCC offers dual enrollment at these high schools:

  • Pasadena High School
  • John Muir High School Early College Magnet
  • Blair High School
  • Marshall Fundamental
  • Rose City High School
  • La Cañada High School
  • South Pasadena High School
  • San Marino High School
  • Rancho High School
  • Rosemead High School
  • Temple City College 

If you don’t attend one of the high schools listed above, you can still take classes at PCC through our Concurrent Enrollment program. 

Learn more about Concurrent Enrollment

Dual enrollment is a program that PCC has with certain Pasadena-area high schools that allows their high school students to take college classes at their high school campuses during the day.

Concurrent enrollment allows any high school student to take college classes at the PCC campus after school or during the summer.  

Learn more about options for middle or high school students

No, college courses through the dual enrollment program are free to students. Books and materials should also be paid by your high school, saving you the cost of the learning materials for dual enrollment courses. 

You should ask your high school principal or counselor. Your high school needs to approve your participation.

Dual enrollment classes are taught by PCC faculty, who meet the qualifications to teach at a California Community College, which means they have a Master’s degree in the area of the subject matter being taught. In some cases, you might have your own high school teachers teaching your classes because they have met the qualifications to teach in a California Community College and have been hired as PCC faculty to teach college-level courses.

The expectations of a college course are reflective of the fact that they are, in fact, college courses.  Your college course will have a syllabus—this is a guiding document that outlines the parameters of the course.  You will be expected to be engaged in the class, be respectful of the faculty and your fellow student-peers, study and complete assignments independently, ask questions of your faculty during their office hours, and conduct yourself as a serious college student in and out of the classroom.