During the 2009-2010 academic year in the response to Accreditation recommendations the college choose to revise the planning and program review structure. Part of the revision included changing to a new software system (TaskSTream) for preparing, storing and analyzing Area, Unit and Operational/Department Plans. To effectively integrate Assessment, Review, Planning, and Resource Allocation/Budgeting a more robust software package was needed.

This site contains the available versions of old panning documents that were stored in the in-house built software system and planning documents that were developed when TaskStream was first implemented. As new planning documents are developed the older ones will be stored here for reference.

Archived AMP Planning

Area Plans

For Academic and Student Affairs Area Plan & Business and College Services Plan see TaskStream.Unit Plans

For the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, see TaskStream.

2011-2012 Archived Planning

Area Plans

Tactical Plans