The Pasadena City College Foundation is receiving Requests for Proposals for Investment Management Consulting Services. Click on any of the documents below for more details.  

Answers to Questions from Potential Investment Management Consultants

Verification of assets held at other institutions, cash flow advisement, IPS updates and recommendations, update on market trends, quarterly meeting updates on performance.

We expect cash flows to be immaterial to the fund’s longer term objectives and in influencing the investment strategy.

The RFP was constructed in such a way as to allow us to select the managers that offer the greatest fit.  The categories we will focus on are:  Firm, Investment Management, Communication, Relationship, Management & Governance and Differentiators/Unique Value Proposition.

We expect basic requirements would be balances, rate of return, benchmark performances and holdings.  In addition to the basic requirements, we anticipate quarterly meetings in person or by zoom. There may be specific reporting and operational requirements from time to time and we look for managers that would have the ability and willingness to assist in those requirements.

Peer comparisons and the return rate v. our spending requirements.