A student speaks with a representative from Columbia University.

Streamline Your Admission to Private Colleges and Universities in California

Associate Degrees for Transfer

Many private nonprofit institutions in California as well Historically Black Colleges and Universities accept PCC's Associate Degrees for Transfer (AD-Ts). Earning an AD-T will guarantee you admission at the participating college.

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Articulation Agreements

Aside from the ADT program, PCC also maintains articulation agreements with several private institutions in California. An articulation agreement guarantees you transfer admission to the participating institution after completing certain academic requirements.

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Minimum Admission Requirements for An Independent College

Each of the independent colleges and universities located in California and throughout the country have their own admission requirements. You can find information about these institutions from the catalogs and other printed material available in the Transfer Center. Information can also be obtained from visiting representatives and the institution's website.

If you are planning to transfer to an independent college or university, you should obtain a catalog from the institution and meet with a counselor in order to plan an appropriate educational program.

General Education Requirements

Each independent college or University has their own set of General Education requirements. However,  PCC has articulated general education requirements with several independent institutions. These can be viewed in the Transfer Center or online using Assist.org or by visiting the Academic Planning for Transfer page.