The University of California is a world-class public research university with 9 campuses and over 238,000 students. From all backgrounds, ethnicities and incomes, UC attracts the best and brightest.

Get Guaranteed and/or Priority Admission to a UC 

Transfer Admission Guarantee Program

The TAG Program gives you (after meeting requirements) guaranteed admission to a UC campus.

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PCC Honors Transfer Program

Our Honors Program has partnerships that give qualified participants priority admission to UCLA and UC Riverside.

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UC Admission Requirements

Follow these steps to make sure you are prepared to apply and transfer from PCC to a UC school as a junior-level transfer applicant.

Complete at least 60 UC- Transferable Units

You units will consist of the following:

Major Preparation

Complete lower division coursework in your major.

Although completion of courses in your major is not required for admission unless your major is impacted, it is highly recommended that you begin taking your lower division major coursework while you are at PCC.

Use to help you determine which PCC courses will can be transferred to a UC and fulfill your major coursework.

General Education Requirements

Follow the IGETC GE Pattern to determine which GE courses you can begin taking now. For more information regarding general education, please contact a counselor or university representative.

Electives and Optional Associate Degree 

If your major preparation and general education courses combined do not total to 60 transferrable units, you will need to take additional transferrable units (also known as electives) to achieve your 60 unit minimum.

Instead of taking random classes, we recommend you take classes that work towards an Associate degree at PCC to include in your resume.

Obtain a minimum 2.4 GPA (CA resident) or 2.8 (non-resident)

Keep in mind that this is the minimum required GPA and does not guarantee admission to a UC. A higher GPA will help you be a more competitive candidate.

You may check the UC Admission Statistics by Major to check GPA averages of former admissions.

Personal Insight Questions

UC Berkeley, UCLA, UC Davis, and UC San Diego will use answers from the Personal Insight Questions as part of their admission decision.

Learn More About Personal Insight Questions

Extracurricular Activities and Awards

Activities and awards are not required. Knowing what you have done outside of school simply adds to our understanding of you as an applicant. Extracurricular activities are any experiences outside of the classroom setting, including employment, volunteer, clubs, sports, etc.

Portfolio, Auditions, Supplemental Requirements

Most majors do not require supplemental requirements, however if you are interested in a performing arts, Arts, or Health Science major, etc, they may have additional requirements. Please connect with your desired UC Campus.

Submit Your Application

Review upcoming UC application deadlines to make sure you submit your UC application on time.

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