Transfer FAQs for Fall 2020 and Beyond

Coronavirus Impact on Transfer

Pass / No Pass is a grading option that students can opt for when they want to earn units / course credit, but don't want the particular class to impact GPA. A student will receive a “P” in a course where a student's grade would have been an A, B, or C. A student will receive a “NP” in a course where a student’s grade would have been a D or an F. Pass / No Pass grading does not have an impact on GPA.

Given the recent developments with (COVID-19), Pasadena City College has discussed the possibility of moving all classes to P/NP, however because of the effects this can have on transfer, academic standing, and financial aid, we have decided it’s best to continue with awarding traditional grades (A,B,C,D,F), but temporarily change our local A&R policies to give students the option to change their grades to P/NP on a case-by-case basis. 

Before students elect to change their grading preference to P/NP, they should consider the following:

  • Students who applied to transfer to a UC are encouraged to do the following before switching grading to P/NP:
    • Meet remotely with a counselor to confirm whether the course is a UC Major Preparatory Course
    • If a counselor confirms that a course is a Major Preparatory Course, students should contact the UC campus directly to ask whether the change will affect their application or offer of admission
  • Students who applied to transfer to a CSU can elect to change their spring and summer 2020 grading to P/NP for all GEs and major preparation. However, before electing to change grading for major preparation taken fall 2020 and beyond, students should contact the CSU campuses directly to determine how the change will affect their application.
  • Students who applied to private/independent institutions other than USC should contact the campus(es) to determine any transfer implications.
    • USC allows as many as 24 semester units, including up to 4 units of General Education courses, to be taken on a Pass/No Pass basis. One Core Literacy course may be taken on a Pass/No Pass basis, and both of the Global Perspectives courses may be taken on a Pass/ No Pass basis. Please note that writing courses taken on a Pass/No Pass basis will not fulfill USC’s lower-division Writing requirement.

* Nursing students and those interested in applying for professional graduate schools in the future should consult with a counselor.

*Please note Information is subject to change.
*For impacted programs please contact the university directly

Campus Closure

Yes, the Transfer Center will be providing assistance both online and over the phone. Our hours are:

Winter Hours:
Monday-Thursday: 9am-4pm
Friday: 8am-12pm

That depends on the service you need:
General Questions:
Transfer Center Front Desk Check-In or
Call us at 626-585-7287

Personal Statement Review:
Submit your essay through the Transfer Center Personal Statement Review form

For Transfer Advising:
Check in to meet with an advisor using the Transfer Center Front Desk Check-In

For Yvette, our Transfer Counselor: 
**Only for students who have already applied to transfer**

The Transfer Center will be physically closed to students and the public until further notice, but services will still be rendered virtually.

Access to Online Transfer Services

  • We will have Transfer Advising online. Fill out the Transfer Center Front Desk Check-In form to best help you.
  • Advisors will be calling or video chatting with students
    • Email advising IS NOT available
    • Text/chat advising IS NOT available
  • If you require accommodations call us at 626-585-7287
  • Transfer Advising
    • An advisor can assist you after you have created a comprehensive Ed Plan through General Counseling.
    • Advisors help you understand UC, CSU, and private college/university admission application, requirements timelines, and procedures and navigate their admission application and other tasks required of transfer students.
  • Transfer Counselor
    • Yvette works with students who have already applied to transfer or are preparing to do so.
Email our FAFSA Squad with any questions about your financial aid award letter at

General Questions

Order your official transcripts through your LancerPoint account, following the steps below:
  • Login to your LancerPoint account
  • Click on Classes & Academics
  • Click on “Transcript (Request Official)” and follow the steps listed
    • If you’ve applied to transfer for Fall 2020, make sure to read the university's e-mail carefully when you respond to the university you chose. Schools usually require that newly-admitted students have transcripts sent directly from PCC. Note that deadlines vary.
    • You can send official transcripts to multiple universities at once 

If you are a former PCC student, refer to this webpage to be directed to the third-party website Former Student Official Transcripts.

We strongly advise you to finish the courses you are enrolled in this spring. Dropping classes may have a negative impact on your admission eligibility. If you have questions about dropping current courses, please contact the campuses you’ve applied to directly. 
Denials and withdrawals do happen. Here are your options:
  • Contact the school(s) that rejected you or withdrew your application for more information
  • If you wish to appeal and need assistance writing your appeal, complete the Transfer Center Front Desk Check-In so the Transfer Center staff may assist you.

If you applied to transfer, you may have received an email request from the schools to which you applied to verify your ADT status. Review the communication (email or to-do list) from your schools to see the various ways to verify your ADT.

  • ADT verification is completed by Counseling and/or Admissions and Records.
    • You must petition to graduate before PCC can submit a verification to any university. PCC must have official transcripts on file from any other college or university you have ever attended to process a graduation petition. If you attended another college or university before, at the same time, or after you attended PCC and have not submitted transcripts to PCC, please have official transcripts from all of those institutions submitted to PCC Admissions and Records as soon as possible.
    • Have you finished your ADT, or are you on track to finish requirements this spring? Submit a Graduation Request to have a counselor review your records and approve your degree.
    • Request a PCC degree
If you have transcripts from other colleges that have not yet been submitted to PCC, contact PCC Admissions and Records. 
  • Make sure to check all university portals and all email messages, including those in your Spam mailbox.
  • If a school is requesting transcripts, have them sent now, even if you are still enrolled in classes this spring.
  • Always try to contact the university directly for more information about Next Steps for applicants.

Helpful Links and Tips

Contact a campus

Application dates and deadlines