Thank you for your interest in joining our Success Team! We are always looking for tutors in the following subjects:

  • Arts, Communication, and Design Success Center (D-302)
    Subjects: Speech and Arts
  • Business and Industry Success Center (D-301)
    Subjects: CTE/Perkins tutoring, BUS 14A &14B, Computer Science, STAT 15, BIT, CIS
  • Health and Wellness Success Center (SV-25)
  • Liberal Arts Success Center (D-303)
    Subjects: Writing Languages
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences Success Center (D-300)
    Subjects: Anthropology, Economics, History, Humanities, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, STAT 18
  • Math Success Center - (R-406)
    Subjects: MATH 3-10, Math 15, STATS 50
  • Science Success Center - (SV-25)
    Subjects: Anatomy, Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Geology, Microbiology, Physiology, Physics, Engineering

*Please note: Hiring usually takes place at the end of the Fall and Spring semester. However, we accept applications year-round.

Why Become a Tutor
  • Develop strong communication and leadership skills
  • Gain real-world experience that can help with later employment or career goals
  • Build confidence in your ability to make a difference in the lives of others
  • Improve your academic performance, retention, and personal growth
  • Experience a unique learning experience
  • Strengthen higher-level thinking

How to Apply

Please follow the instructions and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Work Schedule: Schedule based on availability and center needs.

Job Description:

The Academic Success Tutor plays a critical role in serving the students at Pasadena City College. Tutors provide subject-area knowledge and serve as a model for students in the techniques, strategies, attitudes, and beliefs that successful learners employ as they acquire new knowledge, solve problems, and complete academic tasks.

Job Duties:

  • Tutor students in specific course material and integrate study and learning
  • strategies to promote independent learning.Welcome students to the success center and inform students about center and campus services and resources.
  • Assist faculty and classified staff and collaborate with team members in organizing success center activities, functions, and programs.
  • Display excellent service and communication skills when assisting students in utilizing services and resources.
  • Maintain a collaborative, inclusive, and growth-oriented environment.
  • Participate in the required ten-hour CRLA Level 1 tutor training (includes workshops and independent study).
  • Raise awareness of the success center through classroom presentations and additional center promotion (as needed).
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications: Must have received an “A” or “B” in courses tutoring, faculty recommendation, good communication skills and time management, and willingness to help students achieve academic success. Applicants must be enrolled in 6 or more units at PCC during employment. International student applicants must be enrolled in 12 or more units during employment.

Ideal Candidates:

  • Can tutor multiple courses in any given subject (For example: CHEM 22, 1A, 1B, etc.).
  • And/or are able to tutor more than one subject (For example: Anatomy, Microbiology, Physiology, etc.).
  • Available to tutor the entire academic year.
  • Can communicate clearly and effectively.
  • Patient, compassionate, friendly, engaging, and approachable.
  • Dependable and flexible to a changing environment.
  • Detail oriented; able to meet deadlines in a timely manner.

Job Benefits: Student tutors are provided with CRLA Certification at the completion of their training and required tutoring sessions. Tutors are also given several professional development opportunities throughout the academic year to assist in preparing students for employment beyond PCC. Sick days are provided on an accrual basis and can be used as needed.

  1. Download the Tutor Application 
  2. Use Adobe Acrobat to complete the Application
  3. When finished filling in the application, choose File > Save As and rename the file as follows: Last Name_Lancer ID#_Tutor Application

To apply to be a tutor, upload the following documents to the center you wish to apply to:

  1. Completed Tutor Application, renamed as Last Name_Lancer ID#_Tutor Application
  2. Unofficial Transcript, renamed as Last Name_Lancer ID#_Unofficial Transcript
  3. Resume, renamed as Last Name_Lancer ID#_Resume

When uploading documents, please use standard file types (e.g. .pdf, .doc, .docx, .jpg).

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