College 1 Data Inquiry Group (DIG)

Process Summary

PCC’s first year seminar, College 1, is a 3-unit UC/CSU-transferrable course required of all PCC Pathways students. It provides them with a rigorous academic experience while developing the academic and personal behaviors necessary to succeed in college.

College 1 is an interdisciplinary course housed in the Counseling Department and can be taught by any adjunct or full-time faculty member or PCC manager with a Master’s Degree. All College 1 instructors attend the College 1 Institute in preparation for teaching the class and can join a mentor group to support their teaching during the semester.

In Fall 2017, as part of the learning outcomes assessment process, an equity gap was identified in College 1:

In Fall 2017, the success rate of Latinx College 1 students was 19 percentage points lower than that of Asian College 1 students and 14 points lower than that of White College 1 students. The success rate of African American College 1 students was 17 and 12 percentage points lower respectively.

In Spring 2018 PCC Pathways and College 1 staff, Office of Institutional Effectiveness staff, the Directors of Student Equity and Professional Development, and external evaluators from UCLA’s Department of Education began a data inquiry process to review College 1 success and retention data, understand the reasons an equity gap exists in College 1, and develop and implement solutions to close it.

Review of College 1 Data

All data gathered by PCC’s Office of Institutional Effectiveness in Fall 2018

Inquiry Questions

  1. Why do Latinx and African American students experience higher rates of withdrawal and lower rates of success in College 1 than Asian and White students?
  2. What changes to curriculum and classroom practices can College 1 faculty make to increase the retention and success rates of Latinx and African American students?
  3. How can College 1 staff and the Directors of Student Equity and Professional Development support College 1 faculty to better serve Latinx and African American students?

If College 1 faculty develop and employ race conscious and culturally relevant curriculum and classroom practices, their Latinx and African American students will feel an enhanced sense of belonging which, in turn, will lead to increased engagement and course completion and success.

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