PCC Pathways – Moving Students Toward Successful Completion

Pasadena City College has made a bold investment in the success of its students, leveraging Federal and District funds to create PCC Pathways. Students enrolled in the program are guaranteed priority registration and provided with critical support in and out of the classroom.

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Components of PCC Pathways

PCC Pathways is made up of the following four components:

Summer Orientation - Jam

Pasadena City College’s summer bridge, called Jam, is designed to help students make a smooth transition from high school to college. Jam is a one-week, no-cost program that integrates career and major exploration with student support services and engaging orientation-to-college activities.

Jam provides students with a no-stress environment in which to experience success before they begin their first college courses. Collaborative activities, workshops, and guest speakers help students feel comfortable on campus; understand the benefits of counseling, advisement, and tutoring; and make friends with their teachers, classmates, tutors, advisors, and counselors.

During Jam students meet their Student Success Team, comprised of counselors, coaches, and peer tutors. They also become acquainted with campus resources and meet a variety of college administrators, faculty, and staff.

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Student Success Team - Counselors, Coaches, & Tutors

Pathways counselors are trained to handle the special needs of first and second year students. At specific times each day, students have immediate access to the counselors.

Coaches advise and mentor students during their stay in college. They assist students academically and personally by directing them to various resources as needed and support the students in acquiring and understanding regular course status reports. They also teach students strategies for college success, such as effective time management, goal-setting, and study skills.

Pathways tutors are PCC students who have succeeded in their math and English courses and have been trained to work with their peers. They facilitate a majority of Jam activities, develop relationship with the students in their caseload, and are available throughout the year to work with student one on one or in small groups.

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First Year Seminar - College 1, "One Book, One College," and the First Year Student Conference

College 1

PCC’s first year seminar, College 1, is a 3-unit UC/CSU-transferrable course required of all FYP students. It provides them with a rigorous academic experience in their first semester of college, during which time they exercise their critical reading, writing, and research skills while developing the academic and personal behaviors necessary to succeed in college.

As part of College 1, the students participate in the “One Book, One College” initiative, where diverse communities on and off-campus come together to read and discuss a book. It culminates with guest speakers and related events as well as the Student Conference, which celebrates first-year student work.

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Second Year

In their second year, Pathways students continue to explore career options, commit to an academic major, meet regularly with coaches and counselors to complete their academic goals in a timely manner, have access to Pathways study centers, and develop leadership and social engagement skills on campus.