As the most visible and most comprehensive public representation of Pasadena City College, the website at is the keystone piece of PCC’s public identity. Thanks to the unique characteristics of the Internet, information found on PCC’s website will be the first, last — and, often, only — word on many key programs, personalities and projects at the College.

Maintaining as a high-quality website is of paramount importance for every department on campus. Content experts and technical administrators must work closely together to provide an engaging, articulate, accessible and accurate service through PCC’s most prominent public face.

This document is intended to outline an administrative structure to keep the website maintained with up to date, accurate, engaging multimedia content that anticipates trends and establishes best practices.

It defines responsibilities that emphasize the strengths of each contributor’s role in the project. Departmental staff and administrators are empowered to deliver accurate information quickly and effectively. Centralized brand managers are allowed to steward the College’s image across the entire website. Web administrators have the necessary authority to keep the site secure, functional and organized on an ongoing basis. Behind it all is the Modern Campus CMS Content Management System (CMS) and a set of tools, including Brand Guidelines, a Written Style Guide, and a Visual Style Guide, that make collaboration and the clear delegation of responsibilities possible.

These components make up PCC’s Web Governance policy. Web Governance refers to people, policies, procedures, standards and guidelines that govern the creation and maintenance of the website.

The College has invested significant time and resources to make its website outstanding. This document is the guidebook to keep it that way.

Note: This is a working document and is subject to change to meet the evolving web needs of the college.

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